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Alliance to Save Energy's Efficiency News

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Alliance to Save Energy's Efficiency News
Some of the topics that are addressed in the newest update from Alliance to Save Energy include:

Combined Heat and Power in 2013: Improving Conditions for Adoption 

Widespread adoption of industrial and commercial combined heat and power (CHP) systems has the potential to improve America’s energy footprint on a grand scale. Recent policy initiatives and current market conditions will make 2013 a favorable time for manufacturers to adopt CHP systems as a way to improve their energy efficiency.

ISO 50001: What It Is and What It Is Not

The International Standards Organization’s (ISO) energy management standard, "ISO 50001: 2011 Energy management systems – Requirements with guidance for use," has been available since June, 2011. Since then, 866 companies and organizations in 47 countries have adopted ISO 50001. While much has been written to explain what the standard does and how it offers value in the market, it’s also important to understand what ISO 50001 does not do.

SEP’s Role in Driving Technology Adoption in Manufacturing Plants

The ISO 50001 standard and the accompanying energy efficiency improvements required for Superior Energy Performance (SEP) certification provide an effective methodology for managing energy in industrial plants without designating specific equipment requirements or technology upgrades to achieve certification. Instead, the standard’s measurement and procurement requirements specify that energy-using equipment that can significantly affect energy use be assessed for its energy efficiency and impact on the organization’s energy performance. These two requirements work together to prioritize justifiable procurement of energy-efficient equipment and the evaluation of alternative technologies as companies manage their energy use through ISO 50001.

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