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Sprayfoam 2017 ran from January 29-February 1, 2017 at the beautiful Renaissance Palm Springs Hotel and Convention Center in Palm Springs, California. Attendees of the event were treated to an exciting list of industry-specific education, unparalleled networking opportunities and FREE PCP Field Exams. Did you miss the event or simply want to relive your favorite parts? Check out the Conference & Session Coverage below or read the past Conference Daily e-Newsletters.

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The Sprayfoam 2017 Conference Daily shared valuable information and tips related to Sprayfoam 2017, including coverage of events as well as notes about upcoming ones. Thank you for your contributions, which made the Conference Daily possible. If you'd like to share any feedback for next year's Conference Daily, or want to contribute any ideas for next year's show, let us know! We always welcome feedback. The "official" Sprayfoam 2017 survey will be released shortly as well. Use #sprayfoamshow on Twitter to make your opinion heard!

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Please be sure to thank our industry partners.  Their actions speak louder than words with their endorsement of the mark of professionalism of our industry!


Conference & Session Coverage
The General Session Wednesday morning gave attendees a look at two key areas of the future of sprayfoam: an update on the SPFA committees from SPFA Technical Director Rick Duncan and a look into the Department of Energy's zero energy ready home initiative from DOE Chief Architect Sam Rashkin.

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This year marked yet another successful exhibition hall. Today, signs indicating winners of the 12th Annual Contractor Awards were posted next to winners' booths. Once the hall opened at 2 p.m., SPFA Conference attendees headed inside to learn more about the latest and greatest companies, tools and more in the sprayfoam industry. We hope you enjoyed the expo this year and we will see you in 2018!

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Tuesday's big event, the General Session featuring Bart Laemmel and Steve Thomas, who lead the SPFA 2017 Convention & Expo Keynote, started the day with an informative and entertaining start. Both Laemmel and Thomas detailed their histories renovating homes, addressed innovations in homebuilding and presented engaging solutions to problems they've faced throughout their careers.

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During the 12th Annual Contractor Awards Luncheon today, SPFA recognized the exceptional accomplishments of some of its members. The Contractor Industry Excellence Awards recognize SPFA contractor members for the quality of their work, the uniqueness of the project, speed of application, superiority of polyurethane, ability of foam to conform to unusual/irregular surfaces and special safety considerations.

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SPFA PCP is pleased to announce that 73 Master Installer Field Exams were completed over the past two days. On Sunday, 35 Field Exams were administered and today, 38 Field Exams were completed. The exams were divided between Roofing (38) and Insulation (35). Special thanks to all the dedicated SPF professionals who contributed to the success of this massive undertaking! Please be sure to thank all the sponsors who contributed financially to the Sig Hall Memorial Scholarship Fund and the Sponsors who donated equipment, material and supplies!

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After winning every SPFA Award, SPFA ran out of ways to honor longtime support and industry professional Bonnie Strickler of Puff Inc. Until now. During the 12th Annual SPFA National Industry Excellence Awards Luncheon, SPFA honored Strickler with new award The Strickler Standout Award. Strickler was the award's first recipient, and her legacy will be forever honored through the award. Congratulations, Bonnie!
SprayFoam had a first.In accordance with ISO 17024, the certification process needs to be audited each year. This year, the audit was conducted on the delivery of both the written exams and the field exams. Improvements were made to the field exam delivery process this year, which drastically increased the amount of field exams that could be conducted. At the completion of the audit today, there were no major non-conformances, no minor non-conformances and no opportunities for improvement, basically a perfect score! These results reflect the hard work and dedication of all the people involved in the PCP process. A huge thanks to all those who helped achieve this.

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The winner of this year's annual Sprayfoam Polyurethan Alliance and Spray Foam World Wide contest is Ken Wells of PolyPro LLC! Ken won a full convention pass to this year's Sprayfoam 2017 Convention & Expo.

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Conference Sponsors
It is thanks to these Sprayfoam 2017 sponsors that the annual SPFA Conference & Expo continues to provide top-notch learning, networking and education to professionals in all aspects of the sprayfoam industry.

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