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Upcoming Highlights
New this year, the Sprayfoam 2015 Conference Daily shared valuable information and tips related to Sprayfoam 2015, including coverage of events as well as notes about upcoming ones. Thank you for contributing your thoughts and sharing your feedback (and your patience with my endless photo-taking) to make the Conference Daily possible. Also, thank you to the advertisers who did the same.
If you have any feedback, either related to this year's Conference Daily or what you'd like to see next year, let me know: shani@naylor.com. And there is still one more to come this year! Later this week, we'll be sending out a wrap-up issue to highlight the most memorable moments at Sprayfoam 2015, #SPFAshow.

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In a TV interview, Ty Pennington shares some of the reasons he supports SPF, in general, and Sprayfoam 2015 as its Keynote Speaker.

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Conference & Session Coverage
"We tried to build it and hoped they’d come. And they did!" said SPFA Executive Director Kurt Riesenberg during the General Session on Thursday morning, referring to the SPFA show, which experienced record-setting numbers this year. He also shared the news that slides from Sprayfoam 2015 presentations will be uploaded to the SPFA website, www.sprayfoam.org, in the next week or two.

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During the General Session on Thursday, Hanne Hirsimaki from IAL Consultants shared information related to "A Global View of the SPF Industry." While China is the largest producer of SPF "USA has been the fastest growing SPF market and many suppliers expect the double-digit growth to continue." See more of what Hanne shared in the slides of her presentation, which will be uploaded to the SPFA website, www.sprayfoam.org, in the next week or two.

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More than 90 exhibitors and more than 1,000 attendees cruised the sold-out Sprayfoam 2015 tradeshow floors, which were teeming with activity on Thursday.

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During the #SPFAshow, Sprayfoam 2015, on Thursday, there was a lot of talking going on, in addition to learning. Here is what some of your fellow contractors and industry professionals were saying...

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Were you spotted during our photo rounds? Check out some of the candids taken on Thursday, and stay tuned for a link to see if you snagged the show photographer's eye (and camera lens). Maria Lewis was the show photographer for Sprayfoam 2015. Shani Calvo took photos for the Conference Daily and for SPRAYFOAM Professional magazine use.

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At the SPFA Convention & Expo Closing Reception, entertainment, food and drinks were shared as attendees socialized and networked one last time at Sprayfoam 2015! They also collected some serious prizes, if their coin's number was selected during the raffle.

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Golfers headed to the award-winning Twin Warriors Golf Course at the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort and Spa for 18 holes of golf on Tuesday. The winners were revealed during the Closing Session on Thursday. Congratulations to the winners!

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You Talk, We Listen
The spring issue of SPRAYFOAM Professional was mailed and is also online! Some of the topics in this issue include:

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The Social Side
Check out the Sprayfoam 2015 adventures on Twitter (@TheSPFA, #spfashow) and Facebook! Note Twitter hashtag! It is #spfashow.

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Conference Sponsors
As of Jan. 20, 2015, the exhibitor list for Sprayfoam 2015 was almost 80 companies and topped off at over 90! Also, thank you to the sponsors who made this event the success that it is.

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Thank you to all the sponsors and partners that made it possible to bring Sprayfoam 2015 to Albuquerque!

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