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Sprayfoam 2015 is almost upon us. Are you ready? Whether you are still finalizing your travel arrangements or have your whole trip planned out, you will find some valuable information and tips in the first Conference Daily of Sprayfoam 2015, including a quick reference guide to the show (attached).

Remaining issues of the Conference Daily enewsletter will be released each night of the convention, and will provide information related to upcoming events, coverage of the previous day's events, first-hand reports from the show floor, behind-the-scenes information about the show, and any other fun and newsworthy scoops we gather. Keep your eyes open and your smile on, and look for Shani Calvo as she travels the show floor -- collecting news for the daily updates. Or, reach out to her directly via Twitter at @shanicalvo.

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The pre-convention activities at Sprayfoam 2015 include SPFA PCP Exam Preparatory Courses and Exams, as well as Field Exams and the ABAA SPF Installer Certification Training. Be sure you make the most of your time in Albuquerque! The courses and exams are not included in Convention Registration, but you can register for both the SPFA PCP courses/exams and the Convention at the same time.

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Ty Pennington, the Keynote Speaker at Sprayfoam 2015, might have gotten into the construction industry by chance. But, being involved in SPF and supporting its growth is a conscious, specific endeavor he made after first-hand experiences with it during his time on "Extreme Makeover – Home Edition." He'll be taking a unique approach to his Keynote Address during the General Session on Wednesday, Jan. 28, 8-10 a.m., so be prepared!

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Join SPFA and industry peers at the premier celebratory event honoring innovative and trail-blazing contractors and their projects. The Contractor Industry Excellence Awards recognize SPFA contractor members’ exceptional accomplishments for the quality of their work, the uniqueness of the project, speed of application, superiority of polyurethane, ability of foam to conform to unusual/irregular surfaces, and special safety considerations. The winners will be revealed and recognized during the 10th Annual Contractor Awards Luncheon, Wednesday, Jan. 28, 12:30-2 p.m.

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The topics for the breakout sessions were decided based on feedback we heard from you! Take advantage of the knowledge these top SPF professionals have to share, as their topics are geared toward your future being successful. The breakout sessions are only taking place Wednesday and Thursday, so read up on them and make your selections early! Also, watch for session highlights in the Sprayfoam 2015 Show Daily and in upcoming issues of SPFA's print magazine, Sprayfoam Professional.

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Follow us and share your adventures at Sprayfoam 2015 on Twitter (@TheSPFA, #sprayfoam) and Facebook! Also, be sure to download the Sprayfoam 2015 Convention App. Search "Sprayfoam 2015" in the App Store or Google Play Store.

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Sunport Shuttle is offering a travel voucher to Sprayfoam 2015 attendees for transportation from the airport. The voucher is for round-trip transportation from the airport to either the Hyatt Regency of Doubletree and costs $20 per person. The rate for a one-way trip is $11 per person. For details or to make a reservation, visit www.SunportShuttle.com.

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Albuquerque (www.visitalbuquerque.org) is a desert at a high altitude. So, the air is dry and thin, and it may take you a day to acclimate. Be sure to drink lots of water! The daytime temperature is averaging around 65 degrees.

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If you arrive early or have a little free time, here are the Top 10 Destinations in Albuquerque, according to www.TripAdvisor.com.

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Naylor Association Solutions
You Talk, We Listen
The spring issue of SPRAYFOAM Professional was mailed and is also online! Some of the topics in this issue include:

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The winter issue of SPRAYFOAM Professional featured an introduction to Sprayfoam 2015 as well as a quick-reference guide to the breakout sessions. To access the digital version of this issue, click on the link below.

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As of Jan. 20, 2015, the exhibitor list for Sprayfoam 2015 includes almost 80 companies! Also, thank you to the sponsors who made this event the success that it is.

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