This Is Why Records Were Broken at SPRAYFOAM 2016

Interviewing people at Sprayfoam 2016 turned into a compilation of positive feedback. The number/quality of sessions and variety of exhibitors, in addition to the SPFA PCP options, had the attendees thrilled. And, the number of attendees and their interest in what exhibitors had to offer on the show floor had the exhibitors gushing. "Awesome" and "record-breaking" were words heard over and over.

"[The Project Manager] course was fantastic! If you didn’t know what you were talking about before you got in there, you’d be in trouble. They go at a speedy pace."
--Cam Shafer, Rhino Linings, San Diego

"I have been in the industry 20 years, and found the Project Manager course to be very informative. I came to Sprayfoam 2016 hoping to gain more SPF roofing knowledge. So far, they are doing a good job."
--Travis Chapman, Rhino Linings, San Diego

"We are contractors from Ecuador and came to Sprayfoam 2016, partially, because we hope to see new tools and gather information."
--Joaquin Flor, Enviro Plastic-Polyuretano, Ecuador

 "We’ve been in business 45 years and have done SPF over the years but stopped. We want to get back in. I think it can give us the opportunity to have the time to do more jobs, plus we can pass the savings onto the customers."
--Roger Bressi, Owner, Rooftops, U.S. Virgin Islands

"We have equipment but it is very old. One of the reasons we are here is to look into updating that equipment," said Patrick Kodran, Rooftops, U.S. Virgin Islands. One of the reasons they are looking to go back into offering SPF is because of the reduction in time needed for prep. Also, "if you can put SPF under silicone, then you have a roof that is almost permanent," said Kodran. 

"We are the biggest systems house in Mexico and we came here looking for suppliers, framing and certification. We are also members."
--Jorge Lemus, Productus Eiffel, Mexico

 "SPF is a very big market in Mexico, especially for poultry, roofing, insulations, buses and cold storage."
--Hector Abundez, Productus Eiffel, Mexico

Paul Dion, President, Closed Cell Structures, Boston, sponsored five of his installers – and their families -- to attend Sprayfoam 2016 and take PCP courses and exams. Having the installers certified "gives us a unique competitive advantage in the industry," he explained. He plans on getting everyone certified. 

>Roberto Sanchez: "I have been spraying for two years. I am hoping to learn anything new that will help me in the field. I really like how you can make a house more efficient with SPF." 

>Paul Crispo: "I am a Master Applicator and have been in the business for seven years. I am here to learn how to make a house more efficient, especially with all the new technology out there. I’d like to try all the new equipment they have in the Fields, especially the Clear Shot. It is a fairly new gun they have." 


"I’ve been attending this show forever and in all the years I’ve been coming, this was a first where people couldn’t walk through the aisles because they were so full. We were blown away. The contractors really wanted to find information too. They weren’t idly walking the aisles, they were hunting. Plus, the place was packed BEFORE the food was there!"
--Gary Wolfe, International Fireproof Technology, Irvine, California

"It was awesome. There was a lot of foot traffic."
--Bill Springer, Demilec

"I always learn a few things when I come."
--Lee Salamone, ACC CPI, Senior Director of CPI

"The number of sessions offers something for everyone."
--Mac Sheldon, Sheldon Consulting

"The whole purpose of this type of event is for like-minded people to share ideas and better the industry."
--Robert Naini, Spray Foam Advisor

"It gets better each year. There’s more excitement and opportunity. Plus, manufacturers are dialing in so there is no more off-ratio spraying!"
--Chris Gallagher, Air Products and Chemicals, Allentown, Pennsylvania

 "This is the only place you can talk sprayfoam with everyone!"
--Nate Stoddard, Cutting Edge Sprayfoam Service, Saugerties, New York 

The turnout has been bigger than last year. The educational sessions were better too."
--Martins Pecholcs, Covestro

"Show’s been good for us. It’s better than other years. It’s been terrific. Nice trip!"
--Peter Davis, Owner, Gaco Western

 "I've been going to sprayfoam expos since 1979 and every year I meet somebody worthwhile, somebody who becomes a lifelong friend."
--Kevin Sievert, Industrial Coatings, Minnesota

"As a business, we are very interested and involved in the education process and like to keep up with all the new innovations at the seminars. We also like meeting other contractors who may be experiencing similar challenges and discuss new products with vendors."
--Rose Huntington, I&S Insulation


"This year, there has been more international presence than I recall in previous years. I have met people from all over the world, such as Nigeria, U.S. Virgin Islands, Turkey, Ecuador, South Africa, Mexico, Canada, and Cayman Islands. SPFA is the centerpoint for international information!" Tiffany also said it is nice to "see the enthusiasm of the people entering the business."
--Tiffany Flam, Biofoam Inc 

"I am looking forward to seeing what [Sprayfoam 2016] is all about. It is my first year to attend."
--Jennifer Prytz, Graco, Minnesota:

"This show is good so far!"
--Pamela Hibbard, United Thermal Systems, New York


 "The sales course was really good. The speaker did really well. I really enjoyed that class."
--Travis Smith, Foamone, Alabama

"I'm new to the industry and I'm trying to learn. The sessions seem like a good format to get into details about some interesting topics."
--Timothy J. St. Romain, Albemarle Corp, North Carolina