Expo Floor Teemed With Nonstop Activity

The Exhibitor Hall was sold out this year... with a waiting list! And, for good reason. It was nonstop action and nothing but good feedback was overheard. According to SPFA Executive Director Kurt Riesenberg, the expo hall was "very well attended and for the first time ever we opened to the general public in New Mexico, with many takers. The Exhibit Hall was the most diverse-ever offering of SPF materials, equipment and services the industry has ever seen. As the industry continues to grow the Exhibit Hall will become even more of an epicenter for the growth and progress of SF businesses." More than 90 exhibitors and more than 1,000 attendees cruised the sold-out Sprayfoam 2015 tradeshow floors.

When the tradeshow floors opened on Wednesday, there was a mad rush to the Graco booth, where the first five people to arrive received a free Graco InSite, then the crowd dispersed and filled up every corner of the room.  
 TY Pennington answered questions and shared his thoughts about SPF at the Lapolla booth on Wednesday.

Nikki Krueger of Ultra-Aire out of Wisconsin said, "I have been doing presentations for three years, and attendance is always high." And it carried through to the expo floor as well. "The booth was slammed on Wednesday, all day," said Nikki. "People just want to know more information." She said she would love to see ACAA doing sessions at the show, as well, as "you need to work with HVAC contractors on the job" and when you work on a house you have to look at the whole building envelope. In photo: Nikki Kruger (left) and Rebecca Lidstrom, both of Ultra-Aire, talk to John O’Neil of Naylor Association Solutions, the publisher of SPFA’s magazine, eNewsletter and Conference Daily.

Mike Collins of Titan out of Minnesota said, "We had a great show. A lot of interesting people, spending 30-45 minutes here talking to us."


Tyler Wood of Burtin Polymer Laboratories in Georgia said, "The show is the biggest yet. The Contractor Awards Luncheon was a shock, too -- it was so big!" In photo: Tyler Wood talks with Ivan Stoltzfus of Commercial Roof Coatings out of Iowa.

 Kirk Campbell of SPF Insurance Group out of Arkansas said, "It is my first time here, and my expectations were fulfilled. We made a lot of contacts in the industry. We have a special program for SPF contractors." In photo: Kirk Campbell (at right) spends some time at the Rhino Linings booth.