Photo Rounds at Sprayfoam 2015

Here are some of the candid shots from Sprayfoam 2015 on Thursday:  

Stephen Davis of Sustainable Consulting Group said, "There are a lot of networking opportunities at Sprayfoam 2015 and as a result of that I picked up a new client. It is THE conference for the industry." In the photo are John Bender and Tiffany Bender of Diamond Sprayfoam (sitting) and Stephen Davis.


Todd Wshneski of BASF out of Texas said, "It is a lot more crowded than I thought it was going to be. It seems like it’s been pretty busy!" In the photo, Todd is sitting at the far right.


Chuck Nason of Walker Reid Strategies out of Florida explained why he came to Sprayfoam 2015: "We want to educate SPF contractors about the value of EPAct 179D federal tax deduction for commercial projects. There are millions of square feet of projects out there that still qualify for this tax deduction, which is retroactive to 2008."