Here Is What You Had to Say...

During Sprayfoam 2015 on Thursday, there was a lot of talking going on, in addition to learning! Here is what some of your fellow contractors and industry professionals were saying...   

>>Stephen Davis of Sustainable Consulting Group said, "The quality of the networking at Sprayfoam 2015 is fantastic. If they are a player in the industry, they are here. If they are a serious about their business, they are here. The quality of people here is outstanding; they are the decision-makers."

>>John Bender of Diamond Sprayfoam out of California said, ‘We have to come. We have so many companies we serve on the Internet. Every year, we meet people we only deal with by phone. The attendance this year is good. However, it is the quality of the attendees that makes it worthwhile. The ones we see here are the ones that buy the spray gun or the new machine. They want to stay up to date on what’s going to make their job easier."

>>Dale Harrison of Summit Engineering & Consulting out of Florida said he attended a Breakout Session on Thursday entitled, "Overcoming Objections in Promoting SPF Roofing," which "was interesting." He was familiar with much of what was shared, and especially agreed with one of the comments: "SPF is highly underrated."

>>Peter Davis of Gaco Western said, "We pledged to get 300 contractors PCP certified. We didn’t get to that number yet so we are initiating a new offer: We will pay for you to do the certification program. As long as you buy our foam, we will pay for you to do this. There is no reason for you NOT to be certified. It is the future. If we don’t do it ourselves, some government agency will force us to do it. If we are paying for it, what’s stopping you?"

>> Mike Bennett of Honeywell Safety Products out of Ohio said, "We made a lot of contacts at the show this year."

>>Scott Partlo of Rhino Linings out of California said, "It’s been a wonderful show. I love venues like this where we can meet other industry professionals."

>>Jim Osborn of Osborn Contract Services, Inc. out of South Carolina said, "I am thinking about getting into SPF, which is why I am here. I am currently into polyurea, coatings and linings, and infrastructure repair, among other things. I came with the purpose of deciding whether to get into the foam business. I have not been scared away."

>>Ivan Stoltzfus of Commercial Roof Coatings out of Iowa said, "This is first year I’ve ever attended the show. I enjoyed it. The Breakout Sessions were helpful and I’ve done a lot of networking. We’ve been in the business for 32 years."

>>Jamie Holt  of Honeywell Safety Products out of Texas said, "There were lots of friendly people at the SPFA show, which isn't always the case with shows!"