Photo Rounds at Sprayfoam 2015

Here are some of the candid shots from Sprayfoam 2015 on Wednesday: 


Stephan Claus from Angelus out of California said, "We come to the show to try to make new relationships with new material suppliers and equipment manufacturers. Plus, we want to get more involved in energy efficient roofing." Here, Stephan checks out some of the reading material at the Graco booth.

Ben Kearsley of Absolute Foam Insulation out of Idaho, said, "We are looking for information to better out business." Here, Ben and co-worker Darren Bumgardner check out the new AiMS trailer, even though "we just bought a new rig two weeks ago from Service Partners." Darren said they also come to the show "looking for new foam and contacts. We are new in the business; only been involved in SPF for three years."


Virgil E. Strauch, Mid-State Construction & Roofing Inc. said that after being away from the show for a couple of years, "Figured we needed to get back here and see what’s cookin’ and see the latest and greatest."

Rodney Peralta of Arithane Foam Roofing was one of the runner-up winners at today’s 10th Annual Contractor Awards Luncheon. Rodney said the competition was tough in this category, "Roof Foam Less Than 40,000 square feet," which had 17 nominees, more than any other category. "Projects are getting more competitive every year!" Rodney felt that his project might have emerged as a winner because "it was unique in that this was an old roof that no one wanted to repair. And we did it for half the cost of tearing off and re-roofing," he said proudly.


Brian Pederson of SWD Urethane holds out one of the sought-after tickets to the SWD Foam Rock Stars party held at The Library on Wednesday night.