Which Breakout Sessions Will You Attend?

The topics for the breakout sessions were decided based on feedback we heard from you! Take advantage of the knowledge these top SPF professionals have to share, as their topics are geared toward your future being successful. The breakout sessions are only taking place Wednesday and Thursday, so read up on them and make your selections early! Also, watch for session highlights in the Sprayfoam 2015 Show Daily and in upcoming issues of SPFA's print magazine, Sprayfoam Professional.


Wednesday, Jan. 28

Breakout Session 1: 10:15-11 a.m.

1A. SPF and Solar: Where and How SPF Roofing Can Work with Solar

Photovoltaic rooftop energy-producing cells are a great addition to the energy performance of a building. Build upon your practical and technical knowledge of SPF and PV, to review the new SPFA document on PV, and see how the technologies naturally complement each other.

1B. SPF Roofing: How to Get It Right

Attend this SPF roofing contractor-led session for an overview of the SPF roof-installation process. SPFA will be using elements of the discussion and suggestions to formulate the future FOAM-IT-RIGHT® campaign.

1C. Cavity-fill Installation Methods for Field-Applied Polyurethane Foam

An overview of the injected polyurethane foam (IPF) installation method for closed cavity-fill field-applied foam plastic products. Designers and contractors will benefit from an introduction on how IPF can provide solutions for difficult building enclosure challenges. Installers will be introduced to the many marketing opportunities made possible by adding open and closed-cell foam injection capabilities to their offerings.

1D. Intumescent Coatings:

Review of New Rules and Uses Intumescent coatings, ignition barriers and thermal barriers – perhaps among the most misunderstood aspects of SPF insulation among customers, code officials, building and construction trades. Attend this session for an update on recommendations for use and help in demystify this important SPF component.

1E. Marketing Strategies: How Do We Market Share?

The increasing number of sprayfoam contractors across the U.S. shows growth potential for the industry, but the market has to keep pace. Discuss growth strategies, customer perceptions, trends, and methods for us to grow our overall market share for SPF – both in insulation and roofing.

1F. SPFA’s New Model Written Safety Program

Every SPF contractor business needs to have an effective respiratory protection and safety program. Not only does this require adequate record keeping, but also evidence of proper training and PPE use by employees and information helpful in the case of possible future OSHA inspections. SPFA has constructed a model SPF written safety program for members. See what is in the program and how it can benefit your business.

1G. Temperature and Pressures: Impact on Quality and Yield

Among the many variables SPF contractors need to manage on the worksite, temperature and pressure are among the most important. Both impact quality of SPF and yield, the latter having an effect on your project’s timeline, materials consumption, and bottom line.

1H. Large Scale Commercial Projects: Challenges and Planning

Large-scale commercial projects utilizing SPF insulation or roofing represent greater challenges relative to the increased size of the projects. These projects have many moving parts, schedules, adjacent trades coordination, and typically GC oversight. Pick up tips on crew management, production and building management from a safety perspective.

Wednesday, Jan. 28

Breakout Session 2: 11:15 a.m.-Noon

2A. SPF Roofing on Steep Slopes

Attend this SPF roofing contractor-led session examining considerations for installation of sprayfoam in steep-slope conditions.

2B. Roof Coatings and Granules; Various Coatings, Compatibility, Limitations, Advantages

When sprayfoam is used in roofing, it needs to be protected to deliver the superior performance for which it is known. This session will cover the technology used in roof coatings and granules that protect sprayfoam used in roofing and explain what these products do and don’t do. In addition to discussing the attributes of the products themselves, the session will cover some of the technologies inside the coatings that impact the performance you see in the field.

2C. Closed Cell Sprayfoam: A Cost-Effective Solution

Closed cell SPF is known as a very effective home insulation option. Hear about all of the benefits along with the installation considerations.

2D. Understanding the Relationship: Air, Temperature & Moisture

The relationship between relative humidity, air and dew point temperatures, and air movement is core to application of proper building science principles in SPF projects. Explore how conditions outside affect the inside of a home, and how different ventilation and HVAC strategies can make inside conditions better or worse. Session will include using a psychrometric wheel and an iPhone/Android app to experiment how these strategies will affect the conditions in the home.

2E. Avoiding Problems in Foam Plastic Installations

Problems are going to arise on a worksite, and awareness and solution measures are critical to dealing with them and getting back on track. Find out about procedures to avoid off-ratio/off-temperature installations, including strategies for remediating each type of foam material problem, and elements of the new CPI/SFC guidance document on removal methods.

2F. CPI Update

The Center for the Polyurethanes Industry, a division of the American Chemistry Council and home of the Spray Foam Coalition, will provide an industry update on a variety of federal and state programs that will impact your business, along with an update on SFC activities in the area of SPF training, marketing and research.

2G. Sprayfoam Equipment Update – Panel Discussion

To be the most effective contractor in the field means knowing your equipment, what’s available, and what’s coming that can benefit your business. Attend this panel session, led by SPF equipment experts, for a lively discussion. Representatives will also be available for post-session questions.

2H. In-House Quality Control Program; What Are Contractors Doing for Their Own Companies?

Commitment to an effective but practical quality control effort elevates a company and the industry alike. Discuss what some contractors are already doing and take home ideas you can put to work for you.

2I. SPFA PCP Overview

The SPFA Professional Certification program was unveiled at the SPFA Annual Convention and Expo in 2013. Two years later, great adoption and progress have been realized. Whether you are already in the program and wanting to know what your next steps are to get higher levels of certification, or you’re new to the program and want to find out what it takes to get certified, you should attend this session for answers to your questions. SPFA PCP is one of the greatest ways to differentiate your business using credentials that customers can understand and trust. Grow your business, commit to safety and installation quality, and demonstrate your knowledge, skills and abilities using this industry-developed ISO accredited professional program.

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