Packing Like a Local

Albuquerque is a desert at a high altitude. So, the air is dry and thin, and it may take you a day to acclimate. Be sure to drink lots of water! The daytime temperature is averaging around 65 degrees. 

In and Around Town

There are plenty of exciting activities and attractions in Albuquerque and surrounding cities. From the bars and restaurants just a block away from the hotel, to desert scenery, a multitude of casinos, and cities like Santa Fe and Las Cruces within driving distance. 

Maybe you want to pack your skis and head to higher elevations?

Maybe you want to spend an extra night in Roswell? Go eat at the Alien Cafe?

Fan of Breaking Bad TV show? It was shot in and around Albuquerque. Visit some sites, or just get a BB shirt in ANY gift shop.

Find a fun thing to do or start planning your desert getaway with these searchable listings.