This Is Why SPRAYFOAM 2016 Is Breaking Records

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John Achille, Vice President, Coastal, East Windsor, N.J., was an instructor for an Insulation Installer Course on Tuesday. He was pleased with the participation of the attendees during the course, and appreciated the questions. Plus, "I think we have a good turnout!" Some of the tips he shared were:
>If you don’t have a checklist, the guys will leave in the morning without it.
>Just because you have a ladder, doesn’t mean it’s safe. These [rigs] aren’t storage bins, don’t treat them as such.
>The drums weigh 500 pounds. They need to be fastened down.


As someone who was an installer for 32 years, Henri Fennell of HC Fennell Consulting in N. Thelford, Vermont, knows all about SPF. So, now he devotes his time to sharing some of what he knows, and is slated for two Breakout Sessions at Sprayfoam 2016. "It’s fun to talk. When you put in a lot of time into it, it feels good when you’re done," said Henri. "I hope to get good feedback too." Henri, who drove all the way from Vermont to be here, is also planning on taking the Field Examiner Exam this year at Sprayfoam 2016.


"The Field Examiner courses have been really well-attended. There is an increasing need for Field Examiners as they certify the Master Installers. As people are progressing through the levels, now is the time you are going to need them. I think it is unbelievable where we are versus five years ago."
--Mary Bogdan, Honeywell

"[The Project Manager] course was fantastic! If you didn’t know what you were talking about before you got in there, you’d be in trouble. They go at a speedy pace."
-- Cam Shafer, Rhino Linings, San Diego


"I have been in the industry 20 years, and found the Project Manager course to be very informative. I came to Sprayfoam 2016 hoping to gain more SPF roofing knowledge. So far, they are doing a good job."
--Travis Chapman, Rhino Linings, San Diego

 "We are in the middle of Florida, the Exhibitor Hall is going to be a zoo tomorrow. There are a LOT of contractors in Florida, and Orlando is a central location."
--Kevin Sievert, Industrial Coatings, Minnesota

"We are contractors from Ecuador and came to Sprayfoam 2016, partially, because we hope to see new tools and gather information."
--Joaquin Flor, Enviro Plastic-Polyuretano, Ecuador

 "We’ve been in business 45 years and have done SPF over the years but stopped. We want to get back in. I think it can give us the opportunity to have the time to do more jobs, plus we can pass the savings onto the customers."
--Roger Bressi, Owner, Rooftops, U.S. Virgin Islands


"We have equipment but it is very old. One of the reasons we are here is to look into updating that equipment," said Patrick Kodran, Rooftops, U.S. Virgin Islands. One of the reasons they are looking to go back into offering SPF is because of the reduction in time needed for prep. Also, "if you can put SPF under silicone, then you have a roof that is almost permanent," said Kodran. 

"We are the biggest systems house in Mexico and we came here looking for suppliers, framing and certification. We are also members."
--Jorge Lemus, Productus Eiffel, Mexico

 "SPF is a very big market in Mexico, especially for poultry, roofing, insulations, buses and cold storage."
--Hector Abundez, Productus Eiffel, Mexico

Paul Dion, President, Closed Cell Structures, Boston, sponsored five of his installers – and their families -- to attend Sprayfoam 2016 and take PCP courses and exams. Having the installers certified "gives us a unique competitive advantage in the industry," he explained. He plans on getting everyone certified. Four of his installers shared some insight on why they wanted to come. 

>Derrek Brennan: "This is my first Sprayfoam convention. I am looking forward to the Installer Courses." 

>Roberto Sanchez: "I have been spraying for two years. I am hoping to learn anything new that will help me in the field. I really like how you can make a house more efficient with SPF." 

>Paul Crispo: "I am a Master Applicator and have been in the business for seven years. I am here to learn how to make a house more efficient, especially with all the new technology out there. I’d like to try all the new equipment they have in the Fields, especially the Clear Shot. It is a fairly new gun they have." 

>Charlie Ramos: "I have been spraying for eight years. One newer product that has been helpful is pour in foam. It eliminates the trash and there is less cutting."






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