Upcoming Breakout Sessions - Thursday

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10:15 – 11 am: Breakout Session 3, Salon 1-8;13

3.1 Building and Energy Codes: A Status Update – Mike Fischer (Kellen Company)
3.2 Federal Agencies Update EPA & OSHA Carol Hetfield (EPA), Sven Rundman (OSHA)
3.3 Three Ways to Close More Sales with Building Science Robert Naini (Sprayfoam Advisor)
3.4 SPF Roofing Final Inspection Robb Smith (Dimensional Building Consultants, LLC)
3.5 How to Grow Your Retrofit Business Marc Tannenbaum (Dr. Energy Saver)
3.6 Understanding New Acceptance Criteria of Thermal and Ignition Barriers Over SPF – Gary Wolfe (International Fireproof Technology, Inc.)
3.7 Blower Doors – The Greatest Asset You Never Owned – Ken Allison
3.8 SPF Insulation: Shrinkage Issues and Termination Details -- Roger Morrison (Deer Ridge Consulting)
3.9 EQUIPMENT PANEL: Part 1 -- Graco, SFE, MCC

11:15 am – Noon: Breakout Session 4, Salon 1-8;13

4.1 Ventilation, Moisture, and Other BS for SPF Contractors – Allison Bailes (Energy Vanguard)
4.2 Indoor Air Quality Assessments / Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Insulation - Nuisance Odor Investigations -- John Lapotaire, CIEC (Indoor Air Quality Solutions)
4.3 SPFA PCP Certification & You – Bonnie Strickler (PUFF Inc.)
4.4 SPF & Photovoltaic Panels – Luke Nolan / Central Coating Co.
4.5 Attic Hybrids (that Work in the North) – Mac Sheldon (Sheldon Consulting)
4.6 Demystifying OSHA’s Confined Space Standard – Practical Solutions -- Joseph E. Bolduc (Top Build Corp)
4.7 The 5 Applications Where Low-Pressure Foam is Best – Jonathan Fore (Touch ‘n Seal)
4.8 Spray Foam Installations with Reduced Occupational Exposure -- Dan Nelson
4.9 EQUIPMENT PANEL: Part 2 -- PMC,Revolution, CJ




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