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During the Field Exams on Monday, there was a lot of talking going on... in addition to spraying foam. Here is what some of your fellow contractors and industry professionals are saying...  

>>Matthew DiNenna of JJD Urethane Company in Pennsylvania said he finds the PCP courses, test and field exams "very informative. It is a good thing that the industry is getting standards. It can only help!" He enjoys the networking at the show, talking to other contractors and finding out what works for them. It is also a good place to find out "where the industry is going." He said his company is trying to expand a bit, but isn’t sure about taking the financial leap. "We did good last year," but it costs a lot of money to expand and buy new equipment, he said.

>>George Gibson of Frontier Roofing & Restoration in Colorado came to the show after a first-hand experience seeing SPF applied to a roof. "I was very impressed by it. So much so, I may be spending upward of $50,000 to get involved in it," said Gibson. He is looking into purchasing an SPF rig and also plans on becoming an SPFA member and supporting the industry. He added, "CJ Spray sponsored me to come down here and look at all of the SPF options." CJ Spray is also a PCP Field Exam equipment sponsor and brought down one of their AiMS trailers for use during the exams.

>>When asked about the future of SPF, Dan Taylor of Taylor’d Communications said," We are going to continue to see more adoption of HFC as we continue to improve on the environmental front. Clients want performance too, so if we can do both at a competitive price, we are meeting the demand that is out there."

>>Wayne Clegg of Spray Seal out of Iowa participated in the Field Exams, and took his turn explaining some of the ins and outs of gun care, maintenance and cleaning as Bruce Schenke of Premium Spray Products and Jerry Pollard of Intech looked on.

>>Bob Heller of Service Partners said they brought a big rig to the Field Exams to use for testing and also some equipment for the trade show floor. "Hopefully, we’ll sell all the equipment so we don’t have to bring it home!" he said. He added that they have already sold a lot of equipment at Sprayfoam 2015. "I like SPF! It’s what I do."

>>Jay Hutchek of MCC Equipment & Service Center said they brought a 28-foot gooseneck to the Field Exams that "is ready to go." The trailer is being used to illustrate the shut down procedures for SPF contractors. MCC also offers training on trailer start up, said Hutchek.

>>Will Parker, tech manager at Gaco Western, said, "We use this program (SPFA PCP) for all our contractors. And we also come to the show for the weather and kinship." A whole crew will be at the show this week: Mark Fortney, Building Science Engineer; Tom Sojak, VP Wall Foam; Chuck Skalski, Commercial VP; Peter Davis, CEO & Owner; Tom Schuman, wall foam sales; John Bemas, wall foam sales; plus sales reps from the commercial division. 


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