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The SCRWA 33rd Annual Conference was held in N. Charleston, August 31 - September 3, 2009. Award winners are listed below.

At the SCRWA 33rd Annual Conference, the City of Westminster won the Best Tasting Water Contest

The USDA Rural Development has Stimulus money available through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act(ARRA).

South Carolina's Attorney General, Henry McMaster's article titled "Water - the Fight for our Economic Future."

Naylor, LLC

The Federal Trade Commission announced the third extension for Red Flag Rule compliance.

RainHarvest Systems has partnered with 5 Seasons Brewery to produce beer made entirely from on-site captured rainwater.

Like a natural sponge, wetlands can filter pollutants in runoff approaching bodies of water, large and small. Wetlands create habitats for many different species, process a wide variety of natural gases and create buffer zones that can lessen the effect of severe storms on shorelines by reducing wave impact and controlling flooding.

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This is a great opportunity for your operators and board members to see what's new in the water and sewer industry. If the cost of the entire event is cost preventive from sending employees or board members, SCRWA has a great option.

2009 S. C. Department of Health and Environmental Control
Environmental Assistance Conference

All businesses, institutions, associations and government subdivisions have had, or one day will have, an unclaimed property liability. This must be submitted to the SC State Treasure Unclaimed Property Program. Utilities are required to participate in this program. Call Mrs. Barbara Rice at 803-734-2682

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Why GreenScape?

Our yards are our outdoor homes: fun, beautiful, great spaces for relaxing. By taking care of our lawns and gardens properly, we can save money, time and help the environment. GreenScaping encompasses a set of landscaping practices that can improve the health and appearance of your lawn and garden while protecting and preserving natural resources.

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