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"The meters most of us have in our homes were designed for a different age, before climate change," said Ed Miliband, the energy and climate change secretary. "Now we need to get smarter with our energy ... so it's important we design a system that brings best value to everyone involved."

The bipartisan leadership of a key Senate committee and subcommittee introduced legislation last week that includes many provisions AWWA has sought for years, and would significantly boost federal funding for both the Drinking Water and Clean Water state revolving funds.

More than 190 water and environmental projects are being funded in rural communities in 34 states, through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act...


While the economic outlook for virtually all industries remains in flux, the 2009 water supply and wastewater construction market will face dramatic changes that may shake the confidence of even the most headstrong contractors.

Water programs and the US Environmental Protection Agency would see huge boosts in the detailed budget...

Swine Flu updates, Water Contamination Emergencies, Environmental Emergency Information...

The Center for Watershed Protection assists in a Richland County project.

Visit this Web site to see what the South Carolina Conservation Bank is doing in your region of the state.

View this online presentation on an innovative "GREEN" project.

SCRWA offers Continuing Education training events in various locations statewide.

Get your travel plans ready for this year's conference in Louisville, KY! Come join us for the industry event, October 6-8, 2009.

Change is in the air at SCRWA. We have staff members changing positions, as well as new people joining the staff.

SCRWA's Annual Conference is being held in North Charleston this year, August 31-September 3.

Customer Service
Convenience fees for accepting credit cards are evil. Unfortunately, some businesses lure you in with a "pay by credit card" promise when, in fact, you have to pay extra for the "convenience" of this service.

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