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Goldenrod Corp.
Issue Spotlight
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The investment will be in a tissue converting line at the Naheola mill

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It will be supplied from two new wind power projects in Texas and Oklahoma

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PM 8 will boost the Quebec mill’s capacity by 29 percent

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The company has signed an agreement with Italian supplier Recard

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Discussions are ongoing with the FSC as is dialog with Greenpeace

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Bonetti Company, Inc.
From The Experts
Elevate your reputation among employers, clients and peers while positioning yourself for success with TAPPI’s Tissue Operations and Runnability Professional Certificate

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Clouth Sprenger, LLC
Tissue/Toweling Industry News
The move will enhance Essity’s market-leading hygiene and health products and solutions

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They are for the company’s TM 7 rebuild in Skutskär, Sweden

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It is designed to provide high capacity, user-preferred towels at restrooms

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The Macon, GA, facility will start up in 2019 and produce 75,000 metric tons/yr of TAD tissue

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In May 2017, WEPA Hygieneprodukte announced the acquisition of Van Houtum B.V. As of October 1, 2017, the official name of Van Houtum B.V. has changed WEPA Nederland B.V. 

The company is an honoree of the Georgia Business History Initiative

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The Italian company has sold an E-WIND rewinder to Navigator

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The report is a celebration of high-growth and most dynamic small and medium sized businesses across Europe

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The investment will boost performance at the company’s recycling fiber plants

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Plans call for an investment of Euro 40 million for a new production plant

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Toscotec S.p.A
American Baler Company
OMET Americas, Inc.
New Technologies
The new moistening principle is said to improve press felt performance

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The purchase is aimed at improving Ecolab’s position in the tissue and towel sector

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He will be director of sales - paper and tissue for North America

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The facility helps strengthen the company’s presence in Asia Pacific

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This makes the company one of the leading European players in air treatment solutions

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Kadant Solutions Division
Warehouse Specialist
Edson Packaging Machinery Limited