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Paper Giants Talk Mixed Paper and OCC Outlook

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Thursday, May 16, 2019 - Member
Recovered fiber end users continue to experience impacts from fluctuating recycling markets, which they discussed in their recent earnings calls. Stakeholders also speculated on the future of fiber exports to Asia. Almost all the major publicly traded paper industry players mentioned recovered fiber in their quarterly investor calls, even if just noting lower OCC prices benefitted their bottom lines. Some offered perspective on recovered fiber trends domestically.
From Paper to Products, how Maine's Forest Industry is Adapting
If you put together a list of growing industries in Maine you'd think tourism, lobster, and blueberries; but add to that the forest and pulp industries. Mills have closed in towns like Bucksport and Millinocket, but according to researchers with the University of Maine forests are once again becoming an industry leader for the state.
Wisconsin Paper Caucus Meets, Looks to Grow Industry
"Well, anywhere along the Wisconsin River you're going to find a paper mill. The history of our state is built on paper, and we need to make sure that we're not only protecting those good paying jobs. But make sure they're here for generations and decades to come," said Rep. Katrina Shankland, 71st Assembly District.
Mopria Workflow Survey: Paper is Still Important in Office Workflows
Mopria surveyed 1,377 individuals between the ages of 25 to 65 who work in an office setting. Among the key findings, the results showed that: 84% take notes on paper, 80.5% of workers enjoy the feel of pen and paper, and 71% believe they are more likely to remember their notes later if they take it on paper.
After Phasing Print Out, Here’s How Seventeen Magazine Brought It Back
Top magazine publishers are using the same strategy of committing to printing special issues, including Condé Nast (with its Glamour brand) and Meredith (with Cooking Light), as they wind down a print magazine brand and take it solely online, using the opportunity to attract print ad dollars on big life moments for their readers or the brand’s marquee events.
High Speed, High Load TL-Series Spherical Roller Bearings
NSK Americas
NSK has been on the ground, in the mill, for decades delivering tough, high-speed, high-heat-resistant bearing solutions to get the results you need: Faster production. Greater uptime and service life. And consistently lower operating costs. Visit NSKAmericas.com
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From The Experts
How HQ Materials Reduce Diecutting Costs: Rubber Makes the Champions
Modern day reports on Formula 1 racing discuss the tyres more than the engines, aerodynamics or even the drivers. Why? It’s quite simple: the specialists know that the condition of the tyres decides whether a race can be won or not. So what has that got to do with us? The question about the situation of the rubber on the cutting die leads to exactly the same statement: "Rubber makes the champions". (Supplier Opinion)
Market Roundup
Pulpwood Prices in North America up 5-10%
The winter weather impacted availability and costs for pulplogs and wood chips in both Canada and the US in late 2018 and early 2019, according to the North American Wood Fiber Review. Slowing lumber production throughout North America led to reduced supplies of residual chips and slightly higher prices in early 2019.
Projections for Global Fluff Pulp Market 2019-2023 Remain Relatively Steady
The global fluff pulp market is expected to post a CAGR of over 4% during the period 2019-2023, according to the latest market research report series summary published on Tuesday, May 14, by Technavio Research. Increasing awareness, esp. the hygiene needs of infants and the elderly, prompts customers to invest in personal hygiene products such as diapers and sanitary napkins. Feminine hygiene products have also become one of the most adopted personal hygiene products.
P&P Based Disposable Table Market 2019-2023 Major Players
On Wednesday May 15 the professional blog Industry News Focus released highlights from a full study available published initially in February. Additional information has been made publicly available, such as an identification of the most prominent current players in the global industry: Huhtamaki (Chinet), Dart(Solo), Dixie, IP, Hefty, Lollicup USA, Solia, Natural Tableware, TrueChoicePack(TCP), CKF Inc, Letica, Eco-Products, Taizhou Fuling Plastics, Snapcups, Swantex, Biopac, Dopla, Arkaplast, Kap Cones, and Guangdong Huasheng Meto are mentioned.
Recent Study: Prominent Global Paper Pulp Market Players 2019-2025
Northwood, Kamloops, Celgar, Harmac, Catalyst, Howe Sound, Gold River, Bowater, Smurfit Kappa, Potlatch
Cascade, IP, Arauco, Ilim Group, Hu'nan Tiger Forest & Paper Group, YunNan YunJing, Yunnan FengHuang, Aracruz, Suzano, and Al-Pac all were among those listed in this recent study published earlier this year.
Global Corrugated Packaging Market Top Players Forecast by 2019-2025 Study
The following manufacturers covered in the study published earlier this year: DS Smith Packaging, IP, Menasha, Corrugated Container, Atlantic Corrugated Box, Wisconsin Packaging, Arabian Packaging, Cascades, Klabin, GWP, Mondi, TGI Packaging, G-P, Smurfit Kappa, Westrock, Rengo, Saica, Pratt Industries, Oji Holdings.
Detergents for Global P&P Market: Top Market Players 2019-2023
Prominent manufacturers named in new report published Wednesday, May 15, include: Enzymes, Vertex Chem Private Limited, San Nopco Limited, Neohim, Kao Chemicals, BASF, Kemira Chemicals, and NK Instruments.
Indian Paper Industry Growing at 7% According to National Assoc.
India’s share in world production of paper is now about 3.7%, with estimated production of over 15 million mtpy. The report said the paper industry has the market size of more than 17 million mtpy and growing at around 7% per annum. Per capita paper consumption is growing about 4kg per individual each year in the country.
Merichem Company
Pulp & Paper
Faderco in Algeria Has Valmet Deliver Second Tissue Production Line
Valmet will supply a complete Advantage DCT 100HS tissue production line to Faderco in Algeria. The order also includes a rewinder and an extensive automation package including process and quality control solutions. Start-up is planned for June 2020. Valmet has previously supplied an Advantage DCT100+ tissue line to the mill, started up in 2015.
G-P: Naheola Mill's $120 Million Investment To Grow Bath Tissue Business
Georgia-Pacific’s Naheola, Ala., USA, mill is set to receive an investment of more than $120 million for a new tissue machine and roll storage building to support the company’s retail bath tissue business. While the new tissue machine will replace two older machines, it will increase capacity and support new tissue converting lines that are currently being started up at the mill.
Kruger Products Begins Construction of its Tissue Plant in Sherbrooke
Located in the borough of Brompton, the new plant will be constructed on a site adjacent to an existing Kruger paper mill, along the Saint-François River. This $575-million investment will create 180 jobs in Estrie, as well as some 1,700 direct and indirect jobs during the construction period that will end in 2021.
Resolute Completes Five-Year Extension of ABL Credit Facility
"This successful extension improves certain terms and conditions, and supports the execution of our growth and transformation initiatives for the future," said Yves Laflamme, president and CEO. "By renewing and extending the ABL through May 2024, we are taking advantage of our strong financial position and of attractive bank market conditions to lock-in a competitive source of liquidity for the long-term," added Remi Lalonde, SVP and CFO.
Siam Cement Acquires Indonesian Paper Firm Fajar for $665 Million
Thailand's largest industrial conglomerate Siam Cement Group Pcl (SCG) acquired a 55% stake in Indonesian paper packaging company, PT Fajar Surya Wisesa Tbk from existing shareholders for $665 million, it said on Friday, May 10. "The major shareholding in Fajar will allow SCG to enhance its ASEAN growth, especially in Indonesia," said Fajar's CEO.
Stora Enso Explores Recycling of Paper Cups for Magazine Paper Production
The paperboard for cups is made of high-quality, renewable fibers, which can have several lives due to recycling. Recycling a paper cup can reduce its life cycle carbon footprint by half. Stora Enso sees this as an opportunity for driving more effective paper cup recycling by developing circular models with partners across the value chain.
Warehouse Specialist
Asia Paperboard & Packaging Has Valmet Supply Key Board Machine Tech
Delivery to Vietnam will include three OptiFlo Foudrinier headboxes for excellent profiles and good formation, and an OptiPress Linear press section to achieve excellent end product properties, high dewatering capacity and good runnability. The delivery will also include a start-up package of spare parts and consumables.
Corenso's European and Chinese Businesses by VPK Packaging Group Close Acquisition
A key strength for the combined business is the well-balanced capacities of coreboard and cores, providing the required stability to consistently deliver high-quality products and services and to further enhance business continuity and stability for all our customers.
Ilim Group Plans to Triple KLB Volumes Delivered to Shandong Region
Conference was co-organized by TC International Investment Corporation, Ilim Group’s partner and distributor of pulp and paper products in the People’s Republic of China since 2006. The meeting was attended by representatives of more than 50 box plants and providers of transportation and logistic services in the region. More than 100 participants.
Sonoco Celebrates 120th Anniversary by Ringing NYSE Closing Bell
"On our 120th anniversary, we’re proud to say that Sonoco is stronger than ever," Tiede said. "Our company has touched three centuries and faced many evolving challenges, but our people, our products and our principles carry us through and drive us to continually reach for new heights."
Eliminate Stickies and Increase Production with Enessco.
Enessco International
Enessco, this exclusive patented chemical technology, when added to recycled furnish pulpers increases the removal of ink, wax, stickies and all hydrophobic contaminants in the stock prep system. With this higher contaminant removal efficiency, cleaner and more “virgin like” fiber is sent forward to the paper machines. Cleaner furnish improves quality, production and machine runnability. Enessco has years of proven experience, visit our website at www.enessco.com to see our results.
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New Products
APP's Foopak Named Product of The Year Award Winner by Environmental Group
Recognized for its water-based coating to enhance compostability, Foopak offers a practical alternative to plastic and Styrofoam packaging materials. Its coating differentiates it from products with petroleum-based coating, allowing it to be effective for wet, hot and cold storage. It is FDA compliant and ISEGA certified for compostability in 12 weeks.
Flint Group Introduces HexaCode Water-Based Ink Range for Corrugated and Paper
With excellent pH and viscosity stability, and optimized resolubility, printers will experience a reduction in process stops, less time with on-press maintenance and increased uptime. Superior print quality delivers high print definition, while the high color strength of the HexaCode range provides the ability to print a wider range of colors supporting diverse packaging artwork and increasing ink mileage on press.
Five Awards for New DS Smith Products
The most successful solutions of the German-speaking display industry are honoured each year at the POPAI D-A-CH Awards. And once again, DS Smith is among the winners of this coveted award in 2019. 2x award winner for the Red Bull Special Promotion. Also, new point of sale display innovations...
MBO Revolutionizes Stacking with New CoBo-Stack
Stacks of folded signatures are transported to the table of the CoBo-Stack. The cobot picks up the stacks from the table and deposits them on pallets. This is extremely labor-saving for the operator. Pallets can be positioned on both sides of the delivery, allowing uninterrupted operation. For use behind folding machines processing medium to high print runs.
Oji Holdings Presents Sample Provision of SILBIOBARRIER
SILBIO BARRIER is a paper material but has the function to prevent oxygen and vapor from intruding from outside, thereby helping to prevent the deterioration of contents. It is also able to retain content fragrance and moisture. SILBIO BARRIER has been designed with carefully selected materials so that it has a broad range of packing applications.
Sappi NA Announces New Ultracast Release Paper Textures
Sappi creates forward-looking products and textures by leveraging state-of-the-art technology from its Westbrook, Maine mill, drawing design inspiration from around the world. Company's wide range of coating and converting capabilities make the company the largest supplier of casting and release papers and have led to six new textures.
Stora Enso Introduces Eco-Friendly Paper Cup Paperboard Innovation
Product produced without a traditional plastic coating layer and designed for full fiber recovery in a recycling process. "...Cupforma Natura Solo is yet another step on our journey to help customers reduce the use of plastics, and to drive the change towards more efficient recycling of food service packaging," said Hannu Kasurinen, SVP.
Dow Silicones Corporation
Give Feedback on PEFC Chain of Custody and PEFC Trademarks
One of the biggest opportunities is the expansion of the PEFC Due Diligence System (DDS) to cover ‘core sustainability issues’. This would further raise the bar for the small amount of uncertified material that can be mixed with certified material, especially in countries with weak legislation and/or law enforcement.
Kimberly-Clark Named to CR Magazine 100 Best Corp. Citizens of 2019
Kimberly-Clark’s commitment to corporate citizenship, sustainability and inclusion has maintained the company’s position on the Corporate Responsibility Magazine's 2019 Just 100 as well as Forbes ‘Best Employers for Diversity 2019, Reputation Institute’s Global RepTrak 100, and Ethisphere Institute’s World’s Most Ethical Companies.
National Bike Tour to Inspire Youth to Pursue Careers in Forest Conservation
Project Learning Tree Canada (PLT Canada) is excited to launch its Green Ride for Green Jobs awareness campaign with a cross-country engagement tour to encourage even more youth to work in Green Jobs and help fill critical roles in forests and parks. Since 2018, PLT Canada has funded and committed to fund over 1,600 outdoor jobs in forestry, ecosystem and wildlife management, silviculture and forest health.
Paper Province Waste from Mills Become Valuable, New Products
Paper Province are one of twelve participants in the project MultiBio. The main goal is to develop a new concept – a multi-bio refinery – to produce three renewable bio-based products: Bio-hydrogen, bio-plastics and fish food. Potentially, the project could meet some of the most important Swedish environmental objectives and contribute to a sustainability.
SmartWay Service to Reduce P&P Carbon Footprint
According to the 2017 Commodity Flow Survey, paper manufacturers shipped over 164 million tons of product. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests...and SmartWay helps companies learn how to move their products in the most efficient, responsible way.
Stora Enso Signs Global Commitment to Combat Plastic Pollution
Stora Enso has joined the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment to eliminate plastic waste and pollution at the source. The Global Commitment and its vision for a circular economy for plastic is led by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, in collaboration with UN Environment. Move could signify company's possible further commitment to bio-made alternatives.
New Lecta Integrated Management System Policy
The new version provides for the adaptation to the requirements of the new international occupational health and safety management systems standard ISO 45001, which replaces the current OHSAS 18001 standard effective as of 2021. Lecta has advanced its adaptation and expects the new standard to be implemented at all company sites by the end of 2019.
Kathy Buckman Gibson Awarded TAPPI Woman of the Year
Buckman Gibson is an owner and Director of Buckman. She has been involved with the pulp and paper industry for more than 25 years while working at Buckman in various capacities including COO, General Counsel and Chairman of the Board. She is a TAPPI Fellow and received the association’s Herman L. Joachim Distinguished Service Award in 2007.
The Klingele Group Announces New Executive
"With Carolyn Wagner we are gaining a highly competent colleague and manager for our company with many years of experience", stated Dr. Jan Klingele, Managing Partner. "Thanks to her technical background, her hands-on approach and customer focus as well as her extensive market knowledge, she is the perfect choice for us, adding on to the fact that she already knows many of our customers personally."
Smurfit Kappa Group: Board Changes
Liam O’Mahony retired from the Board following the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting held on May 3, 2019. He is succeeded by Irial Finan, who was appointed Chair designate in October 2018.
Hargrove Engineers + Constructors
Summer Course: Focus on Fundaments of Printing Ink
NAPIM Presents the NPIRI Summer Course Teaches the "Where, How and Why" of Using Printing Inks on Raw Materials

Announcing the 2019 NPIRI Summer Course
July 14 - 19, 2019 in Clemson, South Carolina

This unique, "one of a kind" week-long course is designed to provide you with a better understanding of the fundamentals of printing ink formulation, performance and testing. Gain in-depth knowledge of the printing ink raw material selection process as a function of printing ink performance parameters.
TAPPI Industry Career Center: Hexcel Corporation Seeks Process Engineer
Hexcel Corporation is accepting applications for a Process Engineer for its Decatur, Alabama, USA location.
TAPPI’s Young Professional Division Launches New Microsite
The TAPPI Young Professional (YP) Division is launching it’s first-ever dedicated website that offers students, young professionals, and other early career professionals the opportunity to learn about the division, gain access to helpful resources, and get involved and stay connected with TAPPI.
Sharpen Your Understanding of Kraft Mill Operations.
Claim one of the limited seats now for TAPPI’s Intro to Kraft Pulping and Bleaching Course!
76th Annual PPSA Conference ... Everything’s Better in Texas
Safety and Health Conference Arrives in San Antonio, TX, June 23 – 26

Where can you get the latest and greatest on industry advancements, build your professional network and explore some of the biggest landmark’s in Texas? Only at this year’s Pulp and Safety Association (PPSA) 76th Annual Conference.
Learn How Wet End Chemistry Can Change Your Operations
Explore innovations in enzymes, biological control, injection systems and more at TAPPI’s Introduction to Wet End Chemistry Course!

Instructors for TAPPI’s Introduction to Wet End Chemistry training are finalizing the program for this important training that will focus on troubleshooting and optimization in this important sector of papermaking.
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