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Who Said Print Was Dead? What’s Behind the Proliferation of New Titles

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Thursday, May 9, 2019 - Member
Reading a print product offers an escape from all the distractions—"the only time left for us," said Samir Husni, director of the Magazine Innovation Center at the University of Mississippi’s School of Journalism. "It’s now cool to bring (print) back around," said Monique Lemus O’Brien, group director at The Media Kitchen. "When you think about data and privacy, and things happening online, think how simple and straightforward it is."
VIDEO BLOG: What is this cool new technology called "Print"?
Satirical question at the heart of the video leads to an informative rundown of today's desirable aspects in print and how it can really be utilized seriously in this new century as effective, more direct marketing to consumers instead of subjecting us to more "digital" media screen-burning our eyes.
Postmaster General: Digital Dimensions Take Printed Mail, Packaging to New Heights
"More than 2,000 mail senders are now using Informed Delivery to entice consumers toward a website, a coupon, or to open an app or connect directly with a business," said Postmaster General Megan Brennan. "This is a powerful offering that moves the mail recipient closer to making the purchase."
Why Some Tech Companies are Turning to Print
A big, hefty magazine included stories such as a guide on where to go in Buenos Aires, a feature on tiny houses, and a deep dive into the history of African-American jockeys. The magazine was part travel, part lifestyle and part interior design; which are all topics I gravitate toward. What’s more, the stories were well-written, the photographs were beautiful and the graphic design was on point. There was just one weird thing about it: It was published by Airbnb.
High Speed, High Load TL-Series Spherical Roller Bearings
NSK Americas
NSK has been on the ground, in the mill, for decades delivering tough, high-speed, high-heat-resistant bearing solutions to get the results you need: Faster production. Greater uptime and service life. And consistently lower operating costs. Visit NSKAmericas.com
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Market Roundup
Moody's Outlook for Global Paper and Forest Products Industry Changed to Negative
"The negative outlook for the global paper and forest products industry reflects a 2%-4% decline in industry operating income over the next year or so," said Ed Sustar, a Moody's SVP. "Increasing paper packaging prices and demand for paper packaging and pulp will only partially offset rising input costs, declining demand for paper and lower wood product and market pulp prices." Outlook for the paper packaging and tissue subsector remains stable
Merichem Company
Pulp & Paper
Lecta Still to Decide on Possible CWF Conversion at Condat
Spain-headquartered papermaking group said that the downward trend in demand for CWF paper – with overall sales in Europe down 9% last year – had worsened in recent months, and the decision to shutter PM8 at the mill would be re-evaluated in the coming months "depending on market developments". The shutdown came into effect at the end of April.
The Brown Paper Movement joins Two Sides
"Discovering Two Sides came about when looking for sustainable paper distributors and like-minded companies sharing similar values. I decided to join to expand my network and keep abreast the latest news in the sustainable paper and packaging market.", said director Chylinski.
Warehouse Specialist
Amcor and Bemis Transaction – Timetable Update
At a recent hearing, Amcor intended to present the substantive matters relating to the Scheme of Arrangement for the court’s consideration, but requested that the court delay making formal orders until the DOJ consent and filings have been finalized. Amcor intends to seek the formal orders promptly after the DOJ process is complete. Companies expect DOJ consent and filings to occur shortly, and the transaction to be completed in the next several weeks.
Cartiera Cama in Italy to Rebuild the Dryer Section of PM1 with Toscotec
Toscotec will supply the bearing housings, steam fits, joints and turbulence bars for the entirety of the dryer cans, as well as the new dryer section’s main components, including stretchers, guiding devices, canvas rolls and doctors. The scope also comprises mechanical drives for the entire paper machine. The services package consists of onsite erection, supervision, commissioning and start-up assistance.
Cartones Ponderosa in Mexico Has Valmet Supply Quality Management Solution
The comprehensive solution will improve machine efficiency and the overall end-product quality. The order was included in Valmet's fourth quarter 2018 orders received. Typically, the value of these kinds of automation system deliveries is below EUR 2 million.
Mondi Invests EUR 30 Million On Innovative Corrugated Packaging Plant
In total, some EUR 30 million will be invested in Mondi’s award-winning Ansbach facility in Germany, including the installation of a state-of-the-art corrugator, scheduled for completion in 2020. It will enable the company to broaden its product portfolio to service further export areas, enhance product quality and foster innovation. The investment will increase the plant’s production capacity per year by a clear double-digit percentage.
Prinzhorn Group to Enter into Joint Venture with Russian SFT Group
The family owned and vertically integrated SFT Group has an annual production capacity of 500 million m2 of corrugated packaging, 450,000 metric tons of containerboard and 550,000 metric tons of paper for recycling. All SFT Groups production sites with a total staff of 1,700 people are located in the Central, North-West and Southern Federal Districts.
Eliminate Stickies and Increase Production with Enessco.
Enessco International
Enessco, this exclusive patented chemical technology, when added to recycled furnish pulpers increases the removal of ink, wax, stickies and all hydrophobic contaminants in the stock prep system. With this higher contaminant removal efficiency, cleaner and more “virgin like” fiber is sent forward to the paper machines. Cleaner furnish improves quality, production and machine runnability. Enessco has years of proven experience, visit our website at www.enessco.com to see our results.
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Maine Passes the U.S.’s First State Ban on Foam Food Packaging
Maine has joined a growing list of states, cities, and counties, including 14 towns in Maine, to ban foam food containers in an effort to reduce plastic waste. The move could significantly boost product replacements made from the forest industry in a state where the industry is already dominant.
Vietnam Commits to Forest Certification and PEFC
The Vietnamese government has formulated a Forestry Development Strategy to help achieve this goal. This includes the target to establish, manage, protect and sustainably use 16.2 million hectares of forestland by 2020, and to certify at least 3 million hectares by 2030.
New Products
Cascades Sonoco Presents Innovative, Eco-friendly Food Packaging
New production line adds to the diversity of the products offered by the Cascades Sonoco facility in Birmingham, which has a core business of manufacturing roll headers and roll wraps for the pulp and paper industry. The plant employs approximately 75 workers and the new machine will create 20 long-term jobs. The expansion of the Birmingham facility and the installation of the new production line took place in 2018.
Flint Group Introduces Thermal Flat Top Dot Plate for Flexible Packaging Printing
Nyloflex® XFH Digital plates requires no surface screening to produce beautiful, dense solids on flexible packaging and can be imaged at high speed at any resolution. Besides exceptional ink transfer which reduces pinholing, uniform vignettes with soft highlight fades and even tones are effortlessly achieved. Combined with the nyloflex® Xpress thermal processing system which eliminates all solvent handling and plate drying time, plates will be ready for press – from imaging to finishing – in under one hour.
Metsä Board Renews its Folding Boxboard Portfolio
Besides being better for the environment through lightweighting, the improved product range offers customer benefits by boosting brand appeal with its enhanced and balanced visual properties. The refreshed, simplified selection of products further helps improve Metsä Board’s folding boxboards’ already leading quality consistency, as well as supply reliability.
Sappi's Global TIA Winners and Finalists Turn Ideas into Profits
At the global awards ceremony held in Venice on May 6, Multilayer Headbox project team – Tjerk Boersma, Jos Daniels, Rob de Koning, Jean Peerlings and Peter Pijpers – were named the 2018 winners for designing a completely new ‘three layers in one headbox’ for paper board packaging that combines good printability with high bulk and good creasability. New technology was successfully applied to the rebuild of PM6, making Sappi's Maastricht Mill the only producer worldwide to use this novel concept for its packaging product range.
Sun Chemical Launches Class-Leading UV LED Offset Inks in Europe
Range of inks based on the latest highly engineered UV resin system. Provides exceptionally fast, hard curing under UV LED and low energy mercury lamps for both single- and double-sided printing. SunWave Lumina is fully compliant with the latest EuPIA raw material guidelines. Product also delivers excellent dot gain and high gloss with mechanical resistance.
Valmet to Launch a New-Gen Web Inspection System at PaperCon
IQ WIS works in real time, enabling immediate root-cause analysis and corrective action. IQ WIS is one of the integral elements of the Valmet IQ Process and Quality Vision system; another element is the Valmet IQ Web Monitoring System. System has been developed in collaboration with Dr. Schenk, a global supplier of inspection and measurement solutions.
Dow Silicones Corporation
Myanmar Takes Big Steps towards PEFC Membership
Following the recommendation, the PEFC General Assembly is now voting on Myanmar’s application for membership. It will announce the result of the vote in early June. "We look forward to welcoming MFCC into the PEFC family and to advancing sustainable forest management with you in Myanmar," said PEFC CEO Ben Gunneberg.
Resolute Achieves 81% Reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions Since 2000
Company made an ambitious commitment: to reduce GHG emissions by 65% by 2015, compared to 2000, Thanks to significant efforts deployed across operations, they reached this goal ahead of schedule – but they didn’t stop there. At the end of 2015, Resolute had achieved a 70% reduction in emissions, and by the end of 2017, that number had climbed to 76%. By 2018, they reached a new high of 81%– the equivalent of taking 1.93 million cars off the road!
SCA: 43 Million Seedlings to be Planted
Almost 500 planters will be active in the forests, from Svappavaara in the north to Hassela in the south. The planters are from many different countries, including the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Romania, Ukraine and Nepal. They begin planting in mid-May and continue into October.
SCA Digs to Save the Ortolan
Last autumn, SCA’s nature conservation experts joined county administrative boards and a few ornithologists to visit forests in Sundsvall where the ortolan bunting had been sighted. The aim was to find possible measures to create favorable conditions by providing more food for the bunting and its young.
Smurfit Kappa to Further Drive Down Emissions at Pitea Paper Mill
Speaking about the ambitious new project, Per Sward, CEO of the Piteå Paper Mill, said "This latest investment is a very positive step for the mill. The upgraded cooking plant and recovery boiler will unlock pulp production and pulp quality and help us to become even more efficient, which will benefit both our people and the wider community."
UPM: Improvement and Inspiration through the Biofore Site™
For years, UPM Raflatac factories have operated third-party certified environmental management systems in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard to ensure continual environmental performance improvement. The Biofore Site concept builds on this foundation and expands it to include also economic and social aspects. Each factory has created a unique path to improve performance. From installing LED lighting in the factory to installing electric car-charging stations, factory teams continue to find new and exciting ways to further concept.
Agency Executive to Sharpen and Expand Quad’s Growing Shopper Media Offering
Quad hired marketing executive Gwen Maass as VP of Media Services. She will help expand Quad’s growing shopper media offering for forward-thinking retail and CPG clients. Maass, who has spent the majority of her career at Novus Media LLC, formerly a division of Omnicom Media Group, will draw onyears of experience in the print and digital media space to advance Quad’s strategic and targeted media planning.
Ahlstrom-Munksjö: Changes in Management Team and New Business Structure
New organizational structure is a natural next step following the completion and initial integration phase of the Expera Specialty Solutions acquisition. With the new structure, Ahlstrom-Munksjö will promote its core business capabilities, sharpen its strategic targets and align business characteristics of each business area.
Domtar Recognized for Management Excellence at TAPPI's PaperCon
"Recognizing outstanding industry contributions has always been a hallmark of PaperCon," said Domtar Pulp & Paper President Mike Garcia. "This is an annual opportunity to thank industry professionals for their extraordinary efforts. Having five of our Domtar colleagues receive prestigious awards says a lot about our company’s leading position in the pulp and paper industry."
Monadnock Announces New Business Development & Sales Manager
Julie Brannen has more than 15 years of experience working in the paper and printing industry. Most recently, Julie was North American Sales Director at Arjowiggins Graphic Papers. She also served as VP of New Leaf Paper and worked for Original Impressions, Inc. and Villanti Printing and Mailing.
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Learn How Wet End Chemistry Can Change Your Operations
Explore innovations in enzymes, biological control, injection systems and more at TAPPI’s Introduction to Wet End Chemistry Course!
Strengthen Your Bonds
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to build a better bond and learn more about the corrugated industry at the TAPPI Advanced Bonding Course to be held at TAPPI’s Headquarters in Georgia in late July.
TissueCon 2019 Provides Enhanced Program Experience
Our enhanced program features will expand your learning experience this year.
Education, Networking on Tap at TAPPI Nano 2019
There’s something for everyone at TAPPI Nano 2019, from cutting-edge workshops to social events.
APPTI Holds Nanocellulose Workshop on Advancing Commercialization
Washington, DC, May 8, 2019—The Alliance for Pulp and Paper Technology and Innovation, in collaboration with the USDA Forest Service and the National Nanotechnology Coordinating Office (NNCO), held a workshop Advancing Commercialization of Nanocellulose – Critical Challenges, May 7-8 in Washington, DC,. 66 people from 44 companies, 5 government entities, and 14 universities participated in the event, conducted at the Agriculture Department’s Patriot’s Plaza III.