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Honda's "Pulpahol" Experiment: History's Near-Forgotten Turpentine Powered Motorbike

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Thursday, March 21, 2019 - Member
When producing chemical wood pulp from pines / coniferous trees, sulfate turpentine may be condensed from the gas generated in Kraft process pulp digesters. Although different than gasoline and even ethanol in some fundamental ways, engines nevertheless successfully used abundant Turpentine oil from trees in Japan's tough post-World War II years when fossil transport infrastructure was deliberately destroyed. Japanese turpentine oil of the late 1940s would effectively run in a 2 cycle Honda motorbike engine. If enough post-consumer wooden waste was diverted from landfills, could Turpentine create power output beyond the local mill's power boiler, perhaps even for civilian use via increased burn on additional boilers?
Lumber Liquor – Wood Fermentation Without Heat Turns Biomass into Tasty Alcohol
Using similar wood fermentation as what is used to produce biofuel, they were able to remove toxins and make it flavorful. Their method pulverizes the wood into a creamy paste, adds yeast and an enzyme to start the fermentation process without using heat which preserves the specific flavor of each tree’s wood. They have used cedar, birch and cherry thus far.
Significant Rise In Digital Ad Fraud In Q4 2018
Pixelate's fourth-quarter 2018 Ad Fraud Update found the U.S. had an average fraud rate of 21%, up from 17% in the third quarter. The company determines the rate of ad fraud by examining invalid traffic across 80 million domains and 1.5 million apps. This may represent yet another "digital pitfall" adding to the list of reasons for companies to possibly fall back on the reliability of conventional media, including print-on-paper.
Securing the OT environment
Voith Paper
The challenge of securing plant operations is a massive undertaking for modern paper mills. As much as the IIoT is enabling paper manufacturers to connect data, increase transparency and enhance productivity, it also creates considerable exposure to cyber and physical security threats. This technical paper examines new ways to think about comprehensive OT/IT/IIoT security for your operation.
Download Voith’s paper on OT/IT/IIoT security
From The Experts
How to Justify Print Marketing Expenditures in a Digital Era
MediaPost's recent addition, Jason Gaunt, has so far made a name for himself as an advocate for effective 21st century print-on-paper marketing. Hired in Dec. 2018, Gaunt has penned only two pieces, but both are common in their title on the defense of print media - though the contents of each are indeed unique. Time will tell if Gaunt is indeed a well-informed ally of the industry in an unfortunate era of "greenwashing" against renewable forest products, but so far his perspective seems rather sharp and promising. Both articles are linked, though the most recent feature is described in OTW's title.
Market Roundup
Global Nanocellulose Market Report Summary
Summaries combined with scientifically transcribed notes are combined into a new presentation. Edited into an abstract / outline as well as highlighting newest industry data and industry future trends as part of a sneak preview allowing readers to explore how this type of report can identify the products and factors driving revenue growth and profitability. CAGR 20%+ recorded for 2014-2017. Sector predicted to approx. double growth from now through 2022.
Kraft Paper Market Outlook Improves Slightly; 3.9% CAGR Heading into 2020s
Market expected to expand at a CAGR of 3.9% during the forecast period; roughly consistent with expectations by market research firms for packaging papers such as paperboard (similar to Kraft sack paper except with considerably higher gsm thickness) where the forecast heading into the mid-2020s generally predicts a figure between 3% and 5% CAGR.
Merichem Company
Pulp & Paper
CO2 Solutions Begins Commissioning of its Carbon Capture Unit at the Resolute Pulp Mill in Saint-Félicen, Quebec
"With the start-up of the Saint-Félicien capture unit, CO2 Solutions has achieved an exciting milestone, not only for the Corporation but also for the carbon capture industry," stated Richard Surprenant, CO2 Solutions’ Chief Technology Officer. "This unit, a 3x scale-up from our currently operating 10-tpd unit in Montreal-East, confirms the position of our proprietary enzymatic technology as the world’s most advanced second-generation carbon capture technology. We have demonstrated once again the dependability and simplicity of our enzymatic technology."
Paper Excellence Canada Welcomes Catalyst Paper
"This acquisition is a continued step towards Paper Excellence Canada’s long-term growth plan within Canada’s pulp and paper industry and clearly demonstrates its commitment to the province of British Columbia," said Brian Baarda, Paper Excellence Canada CEO. "Together these combined operations will improve efficiency and sustainability in the forest industry in British Columbia and Canada."
Lecta Temporarily Stops Line 8 Production at its Condat Mill in France
The decrease in coated paper demand over the last several years resulted in overcapacity in our industry. The worsening of this trend observed in the last months is the main reason for the temporary line 8 shutdown at the Condat mill. Condat product range and service levels during this period are guaranteed due to efficiency improvements and streamlining on Condat line 4 as well as contribution of the group’s other coated paper mills.
Shandong Sun Paper Has Tieto Renew and Digitalize Processes
The first phase includes TIPS Production Planning and Trim Solutions implementation for Sun Paper’s 7 mills and 14 paper machine lines with the needed ERP integrations. The parties have also agreed to expand the collaboration for wider use of the TIPS MES and the Manufacturing Execution System.
Warehouse Specialist
ABP Bolsters Business with Paper Company Joining Port of Hull
This bespoke agreement sees ABP handling paper reels destined for consumer packaging, from a weekly container shipment from Ghent at the Hull Container Terminal. It is then offloaded into the UK’s only All Weather Terminal storage area. VPK has moved its shipments to the Humber area to enhance ease of distribution by road and strengthen its customer relations. A fully-integrated IT system enables live visibility of stock.
DS Smith: Latest trends affecting pharmaceutical packaging
DS Smith outlines some of the key, primary challenges for pharma-packaging as well as significant opportunities in their innovation in a feature article by the company on their strategy. In addition to a large population growth stressing the world healthcare system, demanding more materials (sustainable) in the years and decades ahead, packaging must adapt to new tech. preparations in medicine as well as marketing, such as the advent of direct delivery of packages to patients instead of pharmacy handling.
Stora Enso Considers Conversion of Oulu into Packaging Board Mill and Closing One PM
Investment would include a new world-class kraftliner line with a capacity of 450,000 mtpy and the modification of the pulp mill and drying machine to produce unbleached brown pulp, all with improved enviornmental performance. Conversion of Oulu enables Stora Enso to improve position in the growing packaging business. Aim of the change is to improve the competitiveness of Oulu Mill and to ensure a long-term future for the mill. Initial investment price has also been cut 50% for 2019-2021 from the original feasibility scope.
Stora Enso Ranked Best in a New Diversity Comparison in Finland
"At Stora Enso, we believe diversity strengthens our competitiveness and we aim to reflect the societies in which we operate. Diverse working teams enable us to explore different perspectives and challenge our way of thinking, contributing to better decision-making," said Karl-Henrik Sundström, Stora Enso’s CEO.
Valmet to Supply Containerboard Line for GS Paperboard & Packaging in Malaysia
With the new production line PM 3, GSPP will produce high-quality testliner and fluting grades as well as strengthen its position in the Malaysian market. Start-up is scheduled for 2021. Total value of order of this type is typically around EUR 60-70 million.

Eliminate Stickies and Increase Production with Enessco.
Enessco International
Enessco, this exclusive patented chemical technology, when added to recycled furnish pulpers increases the removal of ink, wax, stickies and all hydrophobic contaminants in the stock prep system. With this higher contaminant removal efficiency, cleaner and more “virgin like” fiber is sent forward to the paper machines. Cleaner furnish improves quality, production and machine runnability. Enessco has years of proven experience, visit our website at www.enessco.com to see our results.
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U.S. D.C. Circuit Hears Twin Rivers’ Arguments Against SEC Electronic Delivery Rule
Twin Rivers is leading a coalition that petitioned the court to vacate the rule as unlawful, arguing that the SEC failed to meet its statutory duty to consider comments and alternatives from the Investor Advisory Committee and that the SEC failed to properly consider the costs and benefits of the rule. Ken Winterhalter, President and CEO of Twin Rivers Paper Company said, "We were very pleased to see the close questioning the SEC was subjected to during the court argument on the SEC’s rule 30e-3."
Canada’s Forest Sector Applauds Investments in Skills and Innovation
This week's budget commits more than $250M in funding to bolster Canada’s forest products industry, which employs more than 230,000 Canadians. "Today the government signaled that it recognizes and supports the transformation taking place in Canada’s forestry communities, noted Derek Nighbor, FPAC’s President and CEO.
Nippon Paper Constructs New Manufacturing Facility for Highly Functional Cellulose
Nippon Paper will invest approximately 4.7 billion yen into this facility, which is planned to be completed in Nov. 2020. Upon construction, Nippon will re-establish a CMC production system and work toward a shift to high-value-added and high-quality fields such as special brands for food and lithium ion batteries developed with its unique technologies.
New Products
Ahlstrom-Munksjö Coated Products Extends Product Line of Aerobak™ Liners
This new line of products represents years of development and experience addressing the constant evolution of products used for the aerospace composite segment."The Ahlstrom-Munksjö Coated Products liners deliver solutions to the market using unique technologies that extend our products beyond traditional release liners," explained Harry Challender, VP of Coated Products.
The Navigator Company is Launching its New Navigator UHD paper
With the concept of "Imprinting Life for a Colorful World", the Inacopia brand offers its greatest attribute, a premium quality paper for color printing applications. Company will present the two Inacopia ranges – Elite and Office – which are positioned differently: the first is totally focused on high quality color applications, while the second is for office applications, where multifunctionality and trouble-free printing are key factors.
Papernet Freshen Tech Receives the 2019 PPI Award For Innovation
Freshen Tech, part of the Away from Home range, developed for bars, hotels, restaurants, public facilities, public transport, etc., is the new toilet paper that neutralizes bad odors thanks to an active ingredient capable of modifying their molecular structure. Freshen Tech is the latest addition to an innovation-focused product range which Sofidel, under its Papernet brand, has developed for the AfH sector.
Smurfit Kappa Launches Innovative Premium DigiStar® Paper
By using one type of paper for multiple printers, the true benefit of digital is maximized, delivering high quality graphics combined with high flexibility. In addition, wastage is reduced and stock is easier to control. As well as digital printing, the paper is also suitable for both UV and water-based inks providing more choice for customers.
Dow Silicones Corporation
Published Pricing
U.S. Solenis Price Changes for Chemical Products in Asia Pacific
Solenis will increase prices by 5-20% on specialty chemicals for the pulp and paper industry in the Asia Pacific region. The company will also increase prices by 5-10%for polyacrylamide (PAM) products in the region. These price changes are necessary due to the increase in certain raw material costs combined with a tightening global supply chain.
Nippon Paper Announces Newsprint Price Revisions
Product subject to price revisions: Overall newsprint; Markup: 100 Yen/ream; Timing of implementation: From April 1, 2019 delivery. In recent years, the demand for newsprint has continued to decline, but the company is striving to ensure stable supply and quality of newsprint while implementing various cost-cutting measures.
Colbert Packaging Reduces Carbon Footprint Through Wind Energy Purchase
"We manufacture paperboard-based folding cartons, which is a sustainable alternative to plastics," stated Colbert President and COO, John Lackner, "and now we are able to further our strategy to meet overall clean energy goals with wind energy credits. We firmly believe it’s important to make sustainable decisions with the future in mind – for our employees and their families, our customers and our community."
International Day of Forests Celebrates Sustainably Managed Forests
Each year on March 21, we celebrate the International Day of Forests to raise awareness of the importance of sustainably managed forests. You’ve probably heard many common myths about the pulp and paper industry’s effect on forests, but the truth is that sustainable forestry practices are instrumental (not detrimental) to the health and vitality of our precious forest resources.
Paper Now Working as a Renewable Substitute for Even More New Materials
Although paper systems do have a lower impact than synthetics, the recycling industry is nonetheless complex and in the process of evolving. Paper sustainability can be impacted by government regulation, market demand and recycling standards. However, high recyclability, innovations in manufacturing and government initiatives aimed at improving manufacturing suggest that new paper systems are bound to become sustainable.
SCA: Less Damage to Ancient and Cultural Remains
"With a focus on zero damage, we have worked extensively with training and information transfers between planning, harvesting and soil scarification. We can see that the most severe damages have been reduces and that we also have fewer damages on the most sensitive part of the remains." Correct placement of conservation stumps around cultural remains reduces the rate of damage. By planning their position and then felling trees to leave 1.3-meter-high stumps around the remains provides protection.
Stora Enso Invests in Next-Gen Biodegradable Formed Fiber Solutions
Formed fiber products are manufactured from various chemical pulps and chemi-thermomechanical pulp (CTMP) by pressing it into a desired shape in a molding machine. The raw material is pulp made from wood from FSC and PEFC certified. Formed Fiber technology enables manufacturing of products that are designed for circularity, meaning that they are renewable, recyclable and biodegradable and do not contain any plastic.
DS Smith's "Paper and Power": E.ON Awarded On-Site Generation Contract
Kemsley Paper Mill Facility will replace the existing CHP and extend E.ON’s partnership at the site with DS Smith for the next 20 years. The facility has been specifically designed to set the standards in efficiency, sustainability and reliability. The new plant will enable a carbon reduction of 36,000mtpy. This is the equivalent of 30,000 medium-sized cars driving over 6000 miles1 a year.
Case Paper Hires New GM for Philly
For the last decade and a half, Thomas McDonough was an executive manager for Bilcare Research and Tekni-Plex Inc., pharmaceutical packaging and specialty film manufacturers. At these companies, he executed commercial and operational initiatives at local, national, and multi-national levels.
Cascades Announces a Change in Leadership for its Tissue Group
Mario Plourde, President and CEO of Cascades, has announced a change in leadership for the company’s Tissue Group: Jean-David Tardif will take over from Jean Jobin as President and COO. With a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and an MBA, Tardif first joined Cascades in 1997.
Koehler’s Packaging Paper Division Introduces New Director
Construction of a new paper machine at site in Kehl on the Rhine river is part of development of the new product division headed by Eckhard Kallies. It will begin operation in Sept. while the new coating machine will begin operation in July. In addition to conventional papers for flexible packaging, Koehler’s decades of expertise in coating tech. will enable it to produce papers whose barrier properties will replace plastic in some areas of packaging.
Midland Paper Announces Organizational Change with Expanded Corporate Role
Dave Moore has accepted a promotion into an expanded role within the company. Dave currently works within Midland’s National division as President, National Printers. Dave will retain his title and current responsibilities, but in addition he will now take on a corporate role in which he will assist other Midland divisions with growing Midland’s share at key printing accounts.
Midland Paper Announces Retirement of Senior Director
Kevin Wade, leaving officially on April 1, has been a senior executive at Midland since 2015, when Midland acquired Shaughnessy Paper based in St. Louis, Mo., USA. Wade began his career with Reliable Paper in Chicago in 1968. He subsequently worked for Curtis Paper (1971-1974), and then Lewis Paper (1975-1984), before starting his own company, Wade Paper, in 1984. Kevin ran Wade Paper successfully for 25 years, before selling the business to Shaughnessy.
Naylor Association Solutions
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TAPPI Industry Career Center: Valmet Seeks Regional Sales Manager
Valmet is accepting applications for a Regional Sales Manager for its Automation Business Line in the Ohio Valley area.
Digital Printing Redefines Packaging and Creates New Markets
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