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European Commission Inspects Kraft Paper, Industrial Paper Sack Producers

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Officials this past week carried out unannounced inspections at the premises of several companies in the kraft paper and industrial paper sacks sectors.
Shandong Sun Paper Seeks Management Team to Lead Construction of Pulp Mill in U.S. South
Team will take the lead in bringing the project (700,000 metric tpy softwood pulp mill) to completion, and will be involved in all key aspects of project planning, construction, and startup.
Agenda 2020 Charts Path to Increase Efficiency in Fresh Water Use
Organization this week released its 2016 research roadmap outlining priority research initiatives to achieve significant efficiencies in the use and re-use of water in pulp and paper mills, en route to its goal of achieving
a 50% reduction in fresh water consumption per ton of finished product by 2030.
Global Forest and Paper Industry Celebrates International Day of Forests
International Council of Forest and Paper Associations this week (on March 21) celebrated the United Nations International Day of Forests.
Cascades Exceeds Water Saving Target
Company's objective was to decrease waste water output of its plants to 10.6 cubic meters of water per metric ton of products. Several process improvements have enabled it to exceed this target and reduce its output to 9.9 cubic meters per metric ton, which is six times less than the average for the Canadian pulp and paper industry.
Italian Printing, Converting, Packaging Machine Sector Reports Excellent 2015
Revenues reached the EUR 2.2 billion level, up by about 5% over 2014, 78% of which was generated by exports. Domestic sales rose by 38% (from EUR 360 to 500 million), reaching a level unprecedented since 2000.
G-P, Kapstone, and IP Median Salary Information
U.S. salary information was recently updated for some common positions found at International Paper, Georgia-Pacific, and KapStone. Current IP salary numbers for machine operators, REACH engineers, and process engineers were publicly made available, as well as G-P interns, project engineers, and KapStone supervisors.
Paperboard Steampunk Sculptures Show a Complex Imaginary World
This particular artist has taken 100% paper-based sculptures to a whole new level of extended detail by rendering different types of "steampunk" design models, from strange flying machines to what seem like intricate motors topped with bulbs and horns. Much of it tends to look like imaginative science fiction items from the 19th century.
Market Roundup
U.S. Sanitary Paper Producer Price Index Slips to 5.5-Year Low
Index declines to a 5.5-year low in February 2016, according to data maintained by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
U.S. Boxboard Output Mixed in February
Production in February 2016 increased 3.3% compared with February 2015 and decreased 6.1% from last month (January 2016).
South Korean 2016 BSK Imports up 16% through February
Country’s bleached hardwood kraft (BHK) pulp imports, however, were down 13% during the same period.
February U.S. Kraft Paper Shipments Rise
Shipments totaled 139,800 tons in February 2016, which was 7% higher than in February 2015. Bleached kraft paper shipments increased from 6,900 tons in January to 8,700 tons in February 2016, while unbleached kraft paper shipments increased from 120,900 tons to 131,100 tons.
Containerboard Production in U.S. Up in February 2016 vs. 2015
Output was 4.5% higher than in February 2015, while the month-over-month average daily production compared with January 2016 was 2.2% lower.
Stable Future for Packaging Box Prices in U.S.
Prices of containerboard are likely to be stable for most of 2016 due to an increase in demand, even with downward pressure factored in. With demand for boxes, prices may be assumed to increase and deliveries cost more. In reality, prices have remained the same and there are even talks of prices falling as more capacity goes live.
Paper Industry Supply and Demand Issues in Bangladesh
When the Daud Group established the Karnafuli Paper Mills in Chandragona in 1953, bamboo and hardwood supplied raw materials from a paltry forest coverage that has been declining in size ever since. And with more than a hundred-odd paper mills today, the industry faces a domestic demand that has spiraled out of control.
Naylor Association Solutions
Pulp & Paper
Forestal y Papelera Concepcion Starts up New NTT Tissue Line at Mill in Chile
New line fulfills FPC's target of producing 100% textured tissue, differentiating the company's product offering, and to produce high-quality tissue with low energy consumption.
James Cropper Wins FPA Social Responsibility Award
British papermaker received the accolade for its support of the Burneside Community Energy (BCE) project (England) – a social initiative to enable local residents to benefit from investment in renewable energy.
Kazakhstan Banknote Produced with Fortress Substrate Wins Banknote of Year Award
20,000 Tenge banknote, printed by the Banknote Factory of the National Bank of Kazakhstan,is the first full circulation banknote to be printed on Durasafe substrate, and the first banknote in the world to have two different colored layers of paper, and the first to have OVI ink printed directly across two materials (cotton banknote paper and transparent polymer).
Protex International Continues Growth in Papermaking Chemicals Technologies
Group invests 5% of sales turnover in R&D to develop products for papermaking and paper pulp producers, including sectors that produce specialty paper for "high-end" areas such as bank notes, a highly technical manufacturing "niche."
SCA Expands Strategic Relationship with Association for Healthcare Environment
SCA will sponsor key initiatives of AHE, including the Environmental Service Department of the Year Award, the Environmental Sustainability Certificate Program, and Tool Kit, all designed to recognize outstanding sustainability efforts of healthcare facilities and provide guidance for conducting environmentally sustainable healthcare operations.
Select Products Creating 140 New Papermaking Jobs in Pennsylvania
The New York based company secured about $623,000 in state grants and tax credits to lubricate the $6.6 million investment it has promised. Select, which makes paper towels, toilet paper, napkin, and tissue said the location will serve as the company’s "manufacturing hub."
St. Croix's First New Tissue Machine Running at Baileyville
With other mills in the U.S. state of Maine struggling to survive recently, the first of two new Andritz PrimeLine tissue paper machines that St. Croix Tissue announced it was installing in March 2014 is now running in the startup phase, Company Spokesman Scott Beal reported this past Friday (March 18).
Valmet Service Center Inaugurated in Brazil
"This service center supports Valmet's strategy of being close to customers and growth markets. We can provide significant customer benefits by utilizing our full offering of process technology, automation and services, and by continuously developing our local and remote services," said Jukka Tiitinen, president of Valmet Business Line Services.
Institute of Paper Science and Technology at Georgia Tech
Dayton Corrugated Enjoying Less Competition for Small Customers
The growing demand for corrugated packaging by big sellers like Amazon frees the Ohio company to focus on their much smaller markets — orders of 500 to 10,000 boxes in a tri-state area. The market niche means the company has been growing to the point it is now making significant investments and may soon have to leave for a bigger mill.
DS Smith to Boost Capacity at Aschaffenburg Containerboard Mill
Company will install a new pulper and rebuild the waste treatment plant at its Aschaffenburg mil in Germany. The EUR 7.6 million project, scheduled to begin this May, will boost the mill’s output of recycled fiber used in the production of corrugated case material.
Huhtamaki Expands Joint Venture In Arab Paper Products Co.
Huhtamaki's ownership in APPCO will increase to 50%. APPCO operative territory expands from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries to include Middle Eastern and Northern African countries. APPCO's product range now includes all Huhtamaki Food Service Eur-Asia-Oceania business segment's food packaging products.
ITC Setting Up BCTM Pulp Unit in India
This will be the first plant in India manufacturing "Made in India BCTMP," resulting in savings of $50 million per year on foreign exchange. The project is expected to be completed by Q3 of 2017. This pulp is used in the middle portion of virgin packaging paperboards. This forms the main body providing bulk and strength to the paperboard.
Tetra Pak Launches World’s Highest Capacity Homogenizer
Tetra Pak Homogenizer 500 can produce up to 63,600 liters per hour, offering outstanding product quality at the lowest operational cost available.
Governor Calls for New Legislature to Save Maine’s Paper Industry
In comments delivered to an audience with a vested interest in the paper industry, Governor Paul LePage acknowledged the declining demand for supercalendered paper, but he's also used closings to criticize burdensome regulations and energy cost. The governor said he met with two groups who wanted the mills if not for excessive related costs.
Skowhegan, Sappi, Agree on Taxation Assessment For Paper Mill
Sappi has agreed in principle to withdraw its tax abatement requests against the Maine town for 2014 and 2015 in exchange for an agreed-upon $64 million in reduced value for taxation beginning this coming year. It was a compromise between mill owners and town officials.
Verso's Appeal of Jay's 2013 Tax Assessment to be Heard by State
In its appeal scheduled for May 9, Verso Androscoggin claims that the Board of Assessors' assessments and decision on the property are manifestly wrong, result in unjust discrimination, and unequal apportionment of the tax burden in violation of the Maine Constitution.
Nanocellulose Water Filters Found to be Highly Effective
The three different nano-filters that scientists tested have the ability to filter out the paint residues in the textile and printing industries, metal ions from the mining and steel industries, and the nitrates present in the water supply. Bringing the filters to market may take three to five years.
UPM Creates Biomedical Innovation Unit for Cellulose Nanofibril Technology
GrowDex, UPM’s first commercial product developed for biomedical purposes, is a cellulose nanofibril hydrogel for effective microscopic 3D cell culture applications, such as pharmaceutical R&D. GrowDex is highly biocompatible with human cells and tissues.The UPM team will work here closely with medical researchers.
New Products
Appvion Introduces Triumph Treated Universal High-Speed Inkjet Paper
New product is engineered to run smoothly and effectively on both dye-based and pigment-based high-speed inkjet presses.
Warren Expands Paper Products Range
With sales already more than double that of last year, Warren has greatly expanded its range including the qualities of Stellar Gloss, Stellar Silk, Trophee, and Inspira, to meet demand and provide a wider choice for its paper and board customers.
PaperWorks ClubStak Cartons Offer Corrugated Alternative for Snack Foods
ClubStak’s construction features an internal liner made with paper-based material to address snack food needs. The liner material is applied in a strategic orientation to add strength to the structure. The result is a crush-resistant package that offers similar performance attributes to corrugated with high-quality graphics appeal of a folding carton.
Xerium Introduces Drysoft Fabric Technology for Tissue Machines
Drysoft, which uses the through-air-drying process, has seams that do not use glues, coatings, or welds which can negatively influence performance and sheet quality. Drysoft is also engineered with an exceptionally strong seam design and enhanced edge reinforcements for dependability, stability, and long economic life.
Toscotec S.p.A
Published Pricing
Resolute Announces Price Increase on UFS Grade
The company will raise the price of its Uncoated Free Sheet Connect & Connect Envelope grades by $3.00 cwt effective with shipments on or after April 15.
BHS Aims to Revolutionize Paper Production with Green Tech Breakthrough
Printing and publishing conglomerate aims to save at least 200 million trees a year by converting EFB into paper pulp.
Canadian Forest Products Retain World’s Top Environmental Reputation
In 2015, Canada had 166 million hectares of certified forests, about 40% of the world total or almost four times more than any other country. This survey shows international customers feel confident when they source forest products from Canada.
Recarbonization: A EUR 40 Billion Opportunity for the Forest Industry
Moving just 1% of global business in packaging, plastics, and fossil based material flows would equate to roughly EUR 40 billion in annual revenue for the sustainable economy, while also helping the world tackle climate change, according to a new report by Pöyry.
Canada’s Forest Industry Welcomes Budget Support for Climate Change Initiatives
Budget includes $1 billion fund over four years to support clean tech for forestry as well as other resource industries, and is heavily investing in climate change and clean tech initiatives, including C$2 billion over two years for a Low Carbon Economy Fund and C$40 million to integrate climate resilient changes to building codes.
Universal Electric Corp.
Kathy Collins Leads Domtar’s Rothschild Mill
Collins leads 400 men and women manufacturing about 136,000 tons of printing papers each year, amid all the challenges that papermakers face.
CMPC President Matte to Step Down
Eliodoro Matte, president of Chilean pulp company Empresas CMPC, will leave the company next month. Hw will be replaced by Luis Felipe Gazitúa.
Hillard Joins Glatfelter as VP, Corporate Development and Strategy
In this role, Samuel L. Hillard will have responsibility to facilitate the development and execution of Glatfelter’s global corporate strategy as well as lead business development initiatives.
Rottneros Appoints Eberleh President, CEO
Lennart Eberleh comes to Rottneros from BillerudKorsnäs where he is head of the business area Corrugated Solutions, one of BillerudKorsnäs’three business areas.
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Digital Revolution Will Change Mill Operations
Attend PaperCon 2016 in May and learn how the digital revolution will change the way that mills operate.
Appita Call for Papers
Appita welcomes submissions covering a broad range of topics relating to pulp, paper, board, and wood, as well as bioenergy, biofuels, and bio-products. Call for Papers closes May 18.
TAPPI Webinar – Nanotechnology in Fibrous Materials: 101
TAPPI’s NET Division will host a free nanotechnology webinar on April 7, 2016, at 1:00 p.m. EDT.
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