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Domtar Introduces Founding Father of Comics at Comic-Con International

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July 30, 2015
To underscore how great work typically starts on paper, Domtar Corp., Montreal, Que., Canada, has released a video that shows how comic fans got to meet one of the industry's founding fathers at the recent Comic-Con International. The film shows a massive 8-ft. sheet of paper interacting with fans at Comic-Con...
Can Paper Steal the Packaging Crown?
Key drivers for the growth of paper-based packaging are growing GDP, changing demographics – more single serve packs and convenience packaging – sustainability and recycling concerns, technological advances, security, and the ongoing drive for added value, which is responsible for much of the innovation in luxury packaging.
Washington Post: The Paper Industry is Planning a Big Comeback
The prominent U.S. newspaper highlighted the "How Life Unfolds" ad campaign in an article yesterday (July 29), interviewing the group behind the campaign as well as Canadian paper producer Domtar. Examples are given of the legitimate and expanding uses for paper outside of the digital revolution that is slowing down graphic paper and newsprint production.
K-C Kleenex Brand Donates to Saudi Orphanage for 60-year Anniversary
The inspiration behind the campaign comes from Sariya Islam, one of the co-founders of the First Welfare Society orphanage, who has dedicated 60 years of her life to touching the lives of more than 2,000 orphans with her softness and kindness.
2015 TAPPI Tissue 101 Course Features Introductory-Level Curriculum
Tissue 101, scheduled for November 17-18 at TAPPI’s Training Facility in Peachtree Corners, Ga., USA, is designed to improve understanding of tissue properties and how they are impacted by the manufacturing process. Registration is now open and available online.
TAPPI Establishing New Tissue Awards
"There have been some great contributions to the advancement of tissue and converting," says Scott Springmier of TAPPI, "and our TAPPI volunteers have decided we are long overdue to recognize them." The Tissue Division is establishing three new awards to recognize outstanding contributions in the industry.
2016 TAPPI Award Nominations Deadline: August 1
TAPPI and its divisions recognize member achievement through various awards and appreciations. The deadline to submit nominations for the TAPPI 2016 major awards is August 1, 2015. Nomination forms can be submitted by email, faxed to the attention of the Awards Department at +1-770-446-6947, or mailed to TAPPI.
Market Roundup
China Dissolving Pulp Imports Rise in 2015
China's dissolving pulp imports were up 15.8% y/y in June. This represents an 8.3% year-to-date increase.
Decline of Paper Production Slows in Europe
CEPI said the report "shows an industry in full transformation, with the growth in output in the packaging sector and a more modest increase in hygiene paper production more than balancing out the continuous decline in the output of graphic paper."
Paper Packaging Materials Market Value to Reach $344.43 Billion by 2019
While liquid packaging cartons held more than 40% of the market share in 2012, corrugated cases are the upcoming product segment expected to catch up by 2019. Rise in the cartons and folding boxes product segments is also expected to grow significantly due to its rising demand in decorative bulk and packaging.
Russia BSK Pulp Exports Increase
Russia's BSK (bleached softwood kraft) pulp exports were up 21% y/y through the first five months of 2015. A major increase in BSK imports went to South Korea.
Spain’s Paper Industry Sees Renewed Growth
The reports stated the paper industry has opened a new investment cycle, growing by 23% in 2014. This compares with EU paper industry investments up by 2.2% in 2014. According to ASPAPEL, 2014 investments totaled EUR 183 million.
Eastman Chemical Co.
Pulp & Paper
Cascade Pacific Plans New Waste Plume Fix
Treated wastewater from the two operations is supposed to be dispersed by the river by the time it leaves the mixing zone downstream. But in recent years a gravel bar has formed just upstream from the site, cutting water flow past the outfall. When river levels are low, this can result in a long, dark-colored plume of effluent extending beyond the mixing zone’s boundaries.
Europapier Takes Over Assets of PaperNet
With this transaction, Europapier acquires the complete signage business as well as other remaining assets of PaperNet, effective as of July 24. From that day, Europapier provides full support and service to signage customers throughout the country, with company PaperNet closing its entire sales operation on that same day.
INVISTA, Plaxica Collaborate on Bio-Derived Lactic Acid Technology
Plaxica is a technology licensing company founded in 2008 as a spin-out from Imperial College, London. Its unique chemical technology produces low-cost lactic acid from non-food based sugars, including those from industrial waste streams, with a particular focus on hemicellulose by-products from the paper and pulp industry.
Klabin S.A. Granted $100 Million Loan for Greenfield Pulp Mill Project in Brazil
With an annual production output of 1.1 million metric tons of bleached eucalyptus-based hardwood pulp, destined for both export and domestic sale, and 400,000 metric tons of bleached pine-based softwood pulp, in part to be used for the production of Brazil’s first domestic fluff pulp, the completed "Puma" mill will almost double Klabin’s production capacity.
Paper Excellence Howe Sound Mill Closure Could Cost 130-Plus Jobs
Paper Excellence said that the timing of this week’s announcement is related to the dwindling supply of water in Lake Seven, which feeds the mill's paper, pulp, and power operations. By closing the paper functions as soon as possible, the company hopes to stretch the water supply for pulp and power to avoid temporary closures of those sections of the mill.
SCA Hygiene Spain Installs Refurbished A.Celli Rewinder
A.Celli, Lucca, Italy, installed a refurbished rewinder and a major upgrade on the drive side and slitting unit of its tissue machine. A.Celli Paper dismantled on-site the existing machinery and installed rebuilt equipment with new drive and automation and safety systems, as well as the new, latest-generation cutting system.
Xerium Announces New Business in China
The business is now in a position to locally serve customers in China, Asia, and also export certain products globally. The make-over of its China and Asian business has taken more than three years to complete with a number of key aspects required for full implementation.
Naylor Association Solutions
G-P Completes Upgrade of Bleached Board Machine at Crossett Mill
This current upgrade project includes a new headbox, new coating plant, and new control systems for the machine. Engineering and installation work has been completed, and the upgraded machine is expected to be producing the product later this summer.
IP Granted Big Tax Break by Springfield, Ore., to Upgrade Linerboard Machine
IP requested the property tax exemption through the city’s enterprise zone program. The company is considering a $101.6 million upgrade to the mill. City estimates show that the exemption would save IP more than $8.5 million in property taxes on the upgraded equipment over a five-year period.
Mondi Sells Film Production to Narrow Packaging Product Portfolio
By selling this production, Mondi will narrow its product portfolio. Simultaneously Mondi declared it will end the sale of films to competitors in the consumer packaging industry. Poli film Extrusion has a product portfolio that Mondi Osterburken complements, Mondi said.
Pratt Pays $10 Million for Sewage Treatment at Valparaiso Mill
The pretreatment facility is part of a $270 million, 250,000-sq. ft. paper recycling plant next to Pratt's cardboard box plant—an expansion Pratt announced in 2013. That facility is under construction and scheduled to be completed by October.
Smurfit Kappa Wins Corrugated Packaging Award from Nestlé
Smurfit Kappa was ranked the number one European Supplier of the Year for all-round excellence among Nestlé’s European corrugated packaging suppliers. This comes after it was recently awarded the Nestlé European Innovation Recognition Award for outstanding innovation proposals. This is Nestlé’s most sought-after packaging supplier award across Europe.
Stora Enso to Divest Barcelona Recycled Fiberboard Mill in Spain
The initial cash consideration for the divestment of the shares is approximately EUR 10 million, subject to customary closing day adjustments. The transaction has no material income statement impact and is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2015, subject to regulatory approvals.
Struggle to Define Biomass in Obama Administration's Clean Power Plan
There is some debate in Washington, D.C., about the emissions of burning wood as biomass, with some experts pointing out that it is a good idea to burn byproducts such as sawdust for energy because they would otherwise decay directly into the air and release emissions, regardless.
U.S. Reaches Preliminary Decision to Impose Duties on Canada’s Supercalendered Paper
Catalyst stated that in its investigation, the DOC refused to examine each paper company individually. The U.S. agency examined Port Hawkesbury Paper and Resolute Forest Products, and assigned each company a rate of 20.33% and 2.04% respectively, but did not investigate Catalyst Paper or Irving Paper.
3-D Printing Technology with Cellulose Now Possible
This is making it possible to build biodegradable structures through 3D printing. The researchers had to change the consistency of the wood fibers to turn cellulose into an injectable liquid. In addition to building structures out of the cellulose, Gatenholm and his team found a way to put carbon nanotubes into the gel, to make it conductive.
Nano-Engineered Cellulose Film Neutralizes Strong Food Odors
By infusing the film with nanoscale fibers of cellulose, the primary component of wood, researchers were able to create a thin material that effectively absorbs the odors of foods—including onions and durian. This new material could be used for disposable adsorbent pads in food packaging. Researchers also developed a way to apply the film as a thin coating on paper.
Nanopaper as an Optical Sensing Platform
Researchers designed different bacterial cellulose nanopaper based optical sensing platforms. In the article, the authors describe how the material can be tuned to exhibit plasmonic or photoluminescent properties that can be exploited for sensing applications.
New Products
Voith Launches MultiForm IR, MultiForm IC Forming Fabrics Worldwide
The new forming fabrics were specifically developed for positions that put high demands on dimensional stability and dewatering performance. The unique warp principle of both MultiForm forming fabrics combines a fine paper side with an extremely stable machine side.
Naylor Association Solutions
Published Pricing
Koehler Announces Price Increase for Thermal Paper
This increase will affect both North and South America. The price increase is reportedly due to continued increases in input costs. The new price will be effective as of October 1.
Kimberly-Clark Releases Annual Sustainability Report
The 2014 Sustainability Report highlights Kimberly-Clark's progress toward its multi-year Sustainability 2015 goals and introduces the framework for the company's new 2022 platform. The target year, 2022, will coincide with the celebration of the company's 150th anniversary.
Jenny Reilly
Bulgarian Svilosa Paper Mill Invests EUR 30 Million in Cogeneration
The planned power and heat generation will be also able to burn biomass produced by the waste water treatment plant of the nearby town of Svishtov, on the Danube. The paper mill will also be boasting a new substation, which should be ready by the end of 2015.
Japan Pulp & Paper Opens 20MW Solar Park, Plans 14MW Wood Biomass Facility
The solar park is now able to generate enough electricity to cover the annual power consumption of some 8,000 local households. It consists of around 100,800 pieces of 245-W photovoltaic (PV) panels. Last August, the company also announced plans to build a 14-MW wood biomass facility in Japan’s Iwate prefecture.
Crown Holdings Announces Leadership Transition
John W. Conway will retire from his position as CEO, after 40 years with the company, effective January 1, 2016. The company’s board of directors has elected Timothy J. Donahue, who has been with the company for 25 years, to assume the position of president and CEO.
Wausau Appoints Yanker to Board of Directors
Rob Yanker will serve as one of the company’s nominees for election at its 2016 annual meeting of shareholders. He is a director emeritus at McKinsey & Co.. He served at McKinsey for 27 years, from 1986 to 2013, where he worked with a variety of clients in the industrial, consumer, and telecommunications sectors.
Registration Now Open for 2015 PEERS Conference
2015 TAPPI PEERS Conference, October 25-28 in Atlanta, Ga., USA, focuses on sustainable solutions for our future. New opportunities this year allow participants and exhibitors more access to each other, as well as more than 100 presentations designed to help you improve your mill.
IBBC Keynote Address Focusing on Carbon Recycling
LanzaTech executive addresses how waste resources will frame a carbon smart future in keynote speech at IBBC, October 28-30 in Atlanta, Ga., USA.
TAPPI Career Center: Heritage Paper Seeks Lead Press Operator for California Location
Qualified applicants will be expected to manage a seven-color, high board line flexographic printing press. The machine size is 126 in. wide, 66 in. cylinder with full rotary die cutting, interstation dryers, and UV finishing. It is equipped with a full sheet inspection system, which will inspect every sheet for color and registration.
Discover how Sugar is the New Crude at PEERS and IBBC's Biorefinery Tour
Depending on the source, up to 82% pf biomass is composed of energy rich sugars that can also be used to produce every day products. Those with training in the forest industry can benefit from this unique tour demonstrating first hand how components of natural wood products can be made into a variety of useful products using today's technology.
TAPPI Press: Critical Thinking in Converting
Be sure to order this text today or tomorrow (by July 31) to receive a very special 50% discount off list price. This text illustrates many different problem-solving techniques by example. The plant-proven tools introduced in this unique book will help you quickly find solutions to your toughest problems.
Products Meeting Effective Guidelines for Customers’ Expectations in Compostability / Sustainability?
Dr. Don Satchell, technology director and manager for Situ Biosciences LLC will present on analyzing the methods of compostability for pulp products that are enhanced with color, gloss, and preservatives at Specialty Papers 2015. Register now to save $200 off the full conference registration rate. The deadline to register at the discounted rate is Friday, August 14.
Intro to Kraft Pulping and Bleaching Course Perfect for Anyone New to the Kraft
The Introduction to Kraft Pulping and Bleaching course, taught by Dr. Michael Kocurek, will take place August 4-5 at TAPPI’s Headquarters. Seats will sell out at 25. Registration is now open.
Improving Paper Machine Performance Course Returning This Fall
The only Improving Paper Machine Performance Course to be held in 2015 is scheduled for October 13-15 in Peachtree Corners, (Atlanta) Ga., USA.
PPSA Announces Introduction to Industrial Hygiene Course
In addition to gaining a basic understanding of the more common IH hazards that may be present at their site, participants will learn how to sample and measure those hazards, the primary methods of controlling and eliminating those hazards, and the IH standards and exposure limits at the September 16-17 course in Metro Atlanta, Ga., USA.
Learn Environmental LCA in Workshop at NCSU
This unique workshop held August 3-7 provides attendees an overall view of the fundamental principles of environmental life cycle analysis (LCA) for a product or service.