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U.S. Urban School Districts Ditch Plastic Lunch Trays for Paper Compost Plates

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June 25, 2015
Plastic trays have been dominant in U.S. schools for many decades. However, that could soon change as an alliance of some of the nation's largest school districts have decided the time is right to adopt an affordable concept of using recycled newsprint based paper plates that will be sent to compost, considered a positive move in consideration of our environment.
G-P Invests $740 Million in Alabama Corrugated, Other Operations in Past Decade
Georgia-Pacific, Atlanta, Ga., USA, became a subsidiary of Koch Industries in 2005, and since that time the company has invested $740 million dollars in Alabama. In 2014 alone, G-P invested nearly $470 million in Alabama. G-P has also committed $539 million in capital investments to promote growth in this southern U.S. state.
New Study Shows that Paper Packaging is Better than Plastic
IVL (Sweden) recently released a study considering entire product lifecycle, from material production up until packaging is either thrown away or recycled. Only the transportation and packaging production of plastic products currently emits less greenhouse gas, while the results show that the overall product lifecycle of paper products give rise to far less emissions overall.
New Equipment and Upgrades? Remember Any and All Requirements for Careful Emissions Adjustment
A papermaker with transparent, public environmental information and dedication to sustainability/clean air to the point of auditing its standards every year, is getting hit recently with heavy fines in the U.S. state of Mississippi. The cause of the problem according to a local mill manager is that as mills continually upgrade in other areas, they can fail to properly test or correctly anticipate the actual changes caused by new components. It is a very costly error that can be avoided with proper staff preparedness.
TAPPI Establishing New Tissue Awards
"There have been some great contributions to the advancement of tissue and converting," says Scott Springmier of TAPPI, "and our TAPPI volunteers have decided we are long overdue to recognize them." The Tissue Division is establishing three new awards to recognize outstanding contributions in the industry.
2016 TAPPI Award Nominations Deadline: August 1
TAPPI and its divisions recognize member achievement through various awards and appreciations. The deadline to submit nominations for the TAPPI 2016 major awards is August 1, 2015. Nomination forms can be submitted by email, faxed to the attention of the Awards Department at +1-770-446-6947, or mailed to TAPPI.
In A Digital World, Paper Notes Are As Relevant As Ever for Intellectuals, Effective Academics
The key noted by this study work is the conclusion that paper note taker students synthesize rather than merely transcribe, a phenomenon known as desirable difficulty... and that can be essential to developing sharp critical thinking skills. This could warrant new, increased sales of P&W paper industry to be used to gain back and stop the unchecked pace towards digitally exclusinve investment in schools as part of any new approach to education based on scientific fact.
Beetle Plague Pushes Canadians to Stock-up on U.S. Lumber Mills
Many believe it's due to climate change, others a forest management issue somehow looked over in proper response despite a national industry very concerned about maintaining resource stability in the domestic forest supply. Regardless of theory about how they got here or managed to create such destruction in a short amount of time, the fact remains that an astounding 60% of Canadian pine has now been killed or will soon die due to infestation by the mountain pine beetle.
Work Simulation Workshop Aimed at Better Management of Asset Reliability Maintenance
The Work Management Simulation Workshop for Pulp & Paper Managers, July 21-22, at TAPPI headquarters in Peachtree Corners, Ga., USA, is a highly participative and fast-paced workshop for leadership, management, and staff. Conducted by Performance Consulting Associates Inc. (PCA), Duluth, Ga., this special two-day workshop will guide cross-functional, multi-disciplined management participants through "hands-on" scenarios to better understand and eventually better manage their overall Asset Reliability Maintenance functions.
Market Roundup
Paper, Paperboard Packaging Market Worth $213.4 Billion by 2020
According to the report, the paper packaging and paperboard packaging market is end-user oriented. It has shown moderate growth after the economic slowdown from 2007 to 2009. This market is mostly driven by the switch in packaging solutions from plastic packaging to paper and paperboard packaging.
Specialty Pulp and Paper Chemicals Market Fueled by Rise in Specialty Paper Demand
The process chemicals market will experience significant growth in demand during the forecast period to 2020. In 2013, the functional chemicals market accounted for more than 45% of the overall specialty pulp and paper chemicals market, making it the largest product segment.
Corrugated Box Market Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment, 2014–2020
Rapid industrialization, particularly in emerging economies such as China, Brazil and India, is expected to increase trade activities in these regions, thus, subsequently driving the demand for corrugated boxes market. In addition, growth of the electronics and automotive sectors is expected to boost the growth of the corrugated boxes market over the next few years.
China Lumber Imports Close to Record High
Russia’s share of total softwood lumber imports to China has climbed steadily the past four years from 36% in 2011 to approximately 47% for the first four months of 2015. Most of the other major lumber-supplying countries to China have reduced their shipments this year, specifically the US (-41%), Canada (-3%), and Chile (-3%).
Global Nanocellulose Market Value Projected to Reach $250 Million by 2019
North America is projected to drive the highest demand for nanocellulose in its end-user industries by 2020. North America is the largest market for nanocellulose currently and the same is expected to continue till 2019. This is because of continuous technological innovations, advancements in healthcare industry, and rising focus on biodegradable food packaging.
Asian/Eastern Region Overcapacity Predicted to Keep India's Paper Prices Stable
Estimates show that China’s paper output will increase by 67% between 2010 and 2025. In eastern regions there is now an ample supply of paper without enough purchasing power to move it from warehouse shelves. As a result, the prices of multiple grades of paper from India's mills are on a now consistent decline.
Eastman Chemical Co.
Pulp & Paper
APP Finalizes Order from A.Celli for Five Tissue Rewinders
A.Celli has supplied APP with repeat orders for tissue making equipment and systems, including tissue machines purchased at regular intervals in 2005 and 2008, and most recently a tissue machine order in 2013 that included four systems, all delivered in 2014 with one already in production.
Nippon Mill in Port Angeles Adding Paper Pulper as Part of Expansion Plans
This past week, the two half-moon halves of the 9,300-lb. pulper were being welded during its assembly in the Port Angeles, Wash., USA plant parking lot as part of a $1.22 million project. Johnson said the apparatus will be installed on a platform next to the existing paper recycling plant in about two weeks. It will begin production this fall.
Renova to Build Tissue Mill in France
Renova will build its first mill outside of Portugal in Saint-Yorre to the west of Lyon in France on the premises of a defunct dairy. The new site will create 30 jobs and is to be commissioned by the end of this year.
Catalyst Environmental Manager: Drought Conditions Threaten Fish Habitat, Pulp Mill Jobs
Paper making, while not dirty in its use, is still the most water intensive industry according to modern rankings. The drought affecting areas in British Columbia, Canada near Vancouver have caused an unfortunate number of disturbances and deaths to natural fish populations. But should the drought continue much longer, it's next victim will become the economy, starting most especially in this region where pulp and paper production investment and water demand, is heavy.
AOL and Georgia-Pacific Join Forces to Promote Six Tissue Brands
The goal of the partnership is to reach consumers in new ways, with content that is relevant to their lives, using industry-leading technology. The widespread content program sets out to meet various lifestyle interests of consumers from design to parenting tips. The six brands being promoted include Angel Soft, Brawny, Dixie, Quilted Northern, Sparkle and Vanity Fair.
Cascades to Move Financial Workers from Eau Claire Mill
"I do not have at this time the exact number of functions that will be transferred to Kingsey Falls," Beaulieu said when asked how many jobs would be transferred from the U.S. state of Wisconson, home to the small town of Eau Claire. "They will be high-volume transactional activities, mostly financial functions at this stage."
Ilford Puts Harman Direct Positive FB Paper Back in Full Production at U.K. Mill
Following an absence of over a year, Ilford Photo, Knutsford, Cheshire, U.K.announced that Harman Direct Positive FB paper is now back in full production at the factory in Mobberley, U.K. Direct Positive FB paper is a high quality, traditional silver gelatine black and white, high contrast paper. A 255g/m2 fiber base with a Glossy surface primarily suited for use in pinhole cameras.
Muda to Invest RM90 Million in Glazed Paper Production
Chairman Tan Sri Lim Guan Teik said the group was now in the first phase, of which RM34 million has been pumped in to build a new 100,000-sq-ft outfit to house three new pieces of Indonesia's machinery to make glazed paper.
NSK Corp
Logson Group Acquires Jardin Corrugated Cases
Alex Kelly, CEO of Logson Group (U.K.) added that "the acquisition of Jardin, in addition to our £15 million investment plan this year, is a clear indication of our continued desire to grow within the U.K. market. Jardin represents our first step into the integrated sector, as well as enhancing our regional profile in the South East."
Mayr-Melnhof Packaging Offers to Acquire French Specialty Packaging Company
leos’ 2014 sales amounted to approximately EUR115 million; about 26,000 metric tons of cartonboard, and 6,000 metric tons of paper were converted by the French company. The proposed purchase price for it will amount to approx. EUR 80 million. Mayr-Melnhof, Wein, Austria, the region's largest manufacturer of folding cartons, is now focusing on growing a presence outside of central Europe.
Pratt Opens Two New Recycling Facilities
Together, the two facilities, the Georgia-based company’s 16th and 17th recycling plants (Pratt headquartered in Conyers, Ga., USA and Pratt Recycling in East Point), will have the capacity to process more than 120,000 tons of recyclables annually, most of it recovered paper but also metal and plastics. Pratt has now issued statements on their strategy and the purpose of these facilities.
U.S. Corrugated Industry Improves Environmental Performance from 2006-2010
The reduction in GHG emissions per unit is primarily attributed to the increased recovery for recycling of corrugated materials. The recovery rate for old corrugated containers (OCC) increased from 72% in 2006 to 85% in 2010. As more corrugated material is recovered, less goes to landfills, thereby reducing methane emissions. Mills also helped reduce emissions by decreasing the overall use of certain fossil fuels.
Parenco Converts Idled Newsprint PM to Produce Packaging Paper
Graphic paper manufacturer Parenco, Renkum, Netherlahnds, announced this past week that it has invested approximately EUR100 million with its owner H2 Equity Partners in the conversion of paper machine 2. This machine was idled in 2009 by its then owner due to the declining demand of newsprint paper. After the conversion, PM2 will produce about 385,000 tons of packaging paper starting in mid-2016.
Premier Packaging to Open Indianapolis Facility
Premier Packaging has purchased the building and will invest about $1.5 million to upgrade the space into a manufacturing and distribution plant. He said the plant should be operational by August.
Seydaco to Install KBA Flexotecnica EVO XD Eight-Colour Flexo Press
Seydaco Packaging, Mississauga, Quebec, a manufacturer of stock and specialty paperboard products, has ordered a KBA-Flexotecnica EVO XD eight-color flexo press. It is set to arrive later this year. Seychell believes the addition of the Flexotecnica will complement the mill’s existing sheet-fed arsenal and will allow his company to continue to offer competitive long-run carton production, possibly for export markets.
Stafford Cutting Dies Acquires Downing Steel Rule Assets
Burt Downing stated "This will enable us to provide a more complete line of tooling including dies for the Evol, Hamada, and Baysek, along with other highly rated proprietary products such as TopMatrix, TrimSaver and Jonco Score."
Philippines Approves Safeguard Duty on Newsprint
The safeguard duty will be further liberalized as it becomes fully implemented and reduced to about P$800 per metric ton and P$640 metric ton. These adjustments, however, will still be subject to a review to determine whether there is a need to further change the amount.
IP Ticonderoga Mill Manager Chris Mallon: Trade Support Needed for Key Industry Exports
The next U.S. trade deal needs to be fast tracked by congress - the same U.S. Congress which has set records for most polarized and least productive legislative body in recent years. Getting both parties to come together to take seriously the passing of trade adjustment assistance to enable fast tracking of the trade agreement known as Trans-Pacific Partnership has been messy, to the point of embarrassing both party leaderships, as it has fallen short on necessary votes leaders wanted, re-scheduling the final vote for fall as a result of needing time to persuade congressional votes to change. IP Ticonderoga Mill Manager explains why getting this package passed is good for the U.S. paper industry.
India and China Further Incorporate Lycocell, Cellulosic Fibers into Nonwovens
The usage of lyocell (rayon) when melt blown as well as carefully manipulating it’s cellulose structures into a continuous building block is becoming a more common practice for making pulp-fiber based nonwoven producers, signaling a potential breakthrough on the horizon for wood products to expand into a variety of new and useful consumer goods.
Cellulose Nanocrystals Shown to Strengthen Concrete
One factor limiting the strength and durability of today's concrete is that not all of the cement particles are hydrated after being mixed, leaving nano-sized pores and defects that hamper strength and durability. "So, in essence, we are not using 100% of the cement," Zavattieri said. However, the researchers have discovered that the cellulose nanocrystals increase the hydration of the concrete mixture
Nano-Engineered Insulation Helps Two Paper Mills Win Energy Saving Award
Seshasayee Paper and Boards credited the mill’s new nano-engineered thermal insulation for effective heat recovery as well as corrosion protection, "Nansulate is the answer for corrosion mitigation alongside low end heat recovery through effective insulation in industries in general and paper and pulp mills in particular"
New Products
Alfa Laval Redefines Adiabatic Cooling
Alfa Laval, Finland, reports that its next generation in efficient cooling, Abatigo, is optimized to deliver long-term savings in water, energy, chemicals, and maintenance time. With energy and water becoming very precious resources, applications in heat rejection are facing increasing challenges to achieve both economical and ecological sustainability.
EAM-Mosca Releases New Corrugated Bundle Squaring/Strapping System
EAM-Mosca, Hazle Township, Penn., USA, has introduced the Mosca TRC6-SQ3A-Tandem high-speed corrugated bundle squaring/strapping system. This new configuration can dramatically increase bundle conditioning and strapping speeds when used together, or eliminate bottlenecks by providing backup for one another.
EquipNet, Inc.
Published Pricing
Smurfit Kappa Announces Increase in Recycled Containerboard Prices
The increase, according to the company, is in response to improving demand and falling inventory levels – particularly during June. Davy Stockbrokers said the industry had attempted to implement an increase in recycled prices earlier this year which did not go through.
White-Backed Woodpecker Can Thrive in Commercial Forests
UPM, Helsinki, Finland, WWF Finland, Finnish Environment Institute, and Metsähallitus Parks & Wildlife Finland have carried through a joint project to promote the living conditions of the endangered white-backed woodpecker in commercial forests. During the past 20 years, the population of the white-backed woodpecker has multiplied thanks to the conservation and management activities of its natural habitat.
UPM Recognized by FAO for Exemplary Forestry in Uruguay
UPM, Finland, received recognition from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) for its exemplary forest management practices. The acknowledgement followed an investigation of aspects of the production chain conducted by a panel of experts from the INIA (Agribusiness Research Institute), the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of the Republic of Uruguay, and the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences.
SRI Advertising
USDA Releases Positive Energy and Environmental Report on U.S. Biobased Products Industry
The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), Washington, D.C., USA, this week applauded the release of USDA’s report to Congress titled An Economic Impact Analysis of the U.S. Biobased Products Industry, which details the growing sector’s impact on the U.S. economy, energy independence, and environment.
Huhtamaki Makes Changes in Group Executive Team
Teija Sarajärvi has been appointed SVP, human resources, and a member of the Hutamaki, Espoo, Finland, group executive team reporting to Jukka Moisio, CEO, effective October 1. She joins Huhtamaki from OP Financial Group, where she has been EVP, human resources, and a member of the executive board.
CelluForce Names New CEO
Sebastien has extensive international business experience spanning more than 20 years in a wide range of sectors including oil and gas, microelectronics, and food and beverage. Most recently, he was VP for EnGlobe Corp, a global leader in soil, materials and environmental engineering. Acting president René Goguen has returned to his position as VP, manufacturing.
Kotkamills Appoints New Sales Manager for Consumer Boards
López comes to Kotkamills from Papierfabrik Scheufelen GmbH, where she held the position of International Sales Manager. She has wide international sales experience and extensive knowledge of the paper industry, including consumer board sales.
Open Letter from Larry
The Sometimes Unsung Leaders of TAPPI
TAPPI Director of Marketing Simona Marcellus, selected as a 2015-2017 scholar for the Diversity Executive Leadership Program, gives a bit of the genesis of her journey.

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Believing strongly that today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders, the TAPPI Foundation endowed the William L. Cullison Scholarship fund in honor of TAPPI's fifth Executive Director. The application deadline has been extended to August 1.
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TAPPI’s Corrugated Packaging Division Seeks Nomination for Two Positions
TAPPI’s Corrugated Packaging Division is seeking nominations to fill two elected positions on the Corrugated Packaging Council (CPC). Nominations are being accepted for two industry members for a three year term. The due date for accepting nominations is August 14.