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Johansson to Leave SCA, Groth Appointed New President, CEO

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February 12, 2015
Groth has extensive experience among other things as CEO of the listed company Studsvik. He has taken an active part in developing SCA into a leading global hygiene and forest products company.
Agenda 2020 Announces Research Areas for Amtech Roadmap Grant Work
The six research areas are Chemical Recovery, Next-Generation Pulping, Reuse of Process Effluents, Reduced Energy in Paper Drying, Cellulosic Nanomaterials, and Value from Biomass.
Screen Time Worse for Eyes, Overall Health than Ink-on-Paper
All in all, too much screen time, especially before bedtime, can take a toll on our health and well-being, the report concludes. How about a book to get sleepy instead?
Latest Tissue Webinars from TAPPI
Don't miss out on these multiple opportunies for a convenient way to pick up some nuggets from TAPPI's certified experts.
TAPPI Board Elections Underway: All Members Encouraged to Vote
The committee nominated Chris Luettgen as chair and Paul R. Durocher as vice chair. To fill the director vacancies, a slate of three candidates has been proposed. The elections will conclude on February 15.
TAPPI Webinar: Engaging Operators and Managers in Training and Development
How do you get your key players behind your learning initiatives? This webinar at 12:00 pm EST on
Tuesday, February 24, will help answer many of these questions..
Tissue 201 – Tissue Operations and Runnability Course
People with three-years of experience in tissue should attend this course. Make your plans now to be in Atlanta, Ga., USA, on April 22-24, 2015.
Tissue 101 – Process and Properties Course
This introductory course has been announced covering basic tissue manufacturing methods and chemistry. It will be offered Nov. 17-18, 2015, in Atlanta, Ga., USA.
Market Roundup
European, Chinese Recovered Paper Production Updates
The strength of the U.S. dollar in relation to the euro helped sustain European fiber export levels in the final quarter of 2014, albeit at lower values. OCC prices started the quarter at $185-plus per metric ton and ended it at the $168-plus level.
RBC Tissue Tracker: Half the Capacity Adds Expected in 2015 Pushed Out to 2016
Overall capacity still is down, but some coated grades, tissue production doing considerably better.
U.S. 2014 BKP Imports Decline 1.2%
U.S. bleached kraft pulp continued a soft decline in the last month of 2014.
Pulp & Paper
AIM Prepares to Scrap Bucksport Mill, but Dam Questions Remain
Some major questions remain as to what exactly will be done with the site. This complication centers on the mill’s dams along its water source, which are causing problems for any dismantling process.
GapCon Acquires Shares in Kresta Paper
Following this week’s announcement, Kresta Paper will be renamed GapCon Paper GmbH, and will become an independent member of the GapCon group, itself a subsidiary of the IRLE DEUZ group, Germany.
IP Closing Recycling Facilities in Colorado, Tennessee
The closings will affect approximately 25 employees at each facility. IP says the decision to shut down the two facilities followed thorough analyses and reviews of the company’s operations.
PMT Italia to Upgrade PM 1 at SPB, Tirunelveli, India
Main objectives of the project are a production increase and paper quality improvements for multicolor printing. With a startup planned for the summer of 2015, PMT will have the third SIZER FO unit in India.
Sappi Seeking to Get More "Product" from Every Tree
Investment in R&D for new markets amid declining demand for paper is trying to build a third pillar to its business to complement its pulp and paper operations. In moving to "near-and-adjacent" products, the company hopes to start adding "biorefinery" products such as nanocellulose and polyactic acids.
Sofidel Starts up New Wastewater Treatment Plant at Delicarta Paper
The process involves three phases. In the first phase, the wastewater undergoes a biological process. In the second, for solid-liquid separation, it undergoes an ultrafiltration section. The third and last phase, aiming at eliminating the remaining salt fraction, consists of a reverse osmosis system.
U.S.-Mexico P&P Mills Account for Most of Kadant’s Recent Orders
Kadant has announced that international orders from the industry in both Asia and North America have amounted to a reported total of $21 million.
Will Bamboo Fiber Help Pulp Industry Grow?
In addition to the company becoming the first upstream supplier to join the new German based Partnership on Sustainable Textiles, EcoPlanet Bamboo Group has now lined up plantations that can provide more than 3 million tons of raw fiber annually to the pulp industry.
Study Confirms Cleanliness of Corrugated Shipping Containers
The testing was conducted on 720 swab samples taken from containers from six different corrugated manufacturers in the Northwest, California, and Florida. The corrugated container industry requested the third-party testing to confirm that corrugated containers provided for food packaging meet acceptable sanitation criteria at the point of use.
Containerboard Packagers Strike Back at Plastic Crate Company Claims
IFCO is said to be lobbying North American grocery retailers to move away from the traditional corrugated box system of delivering fruit and vegetables. In the course of promoting its plastic crate alternative, IFCO has made various economic and environmental claims that are unsubstantiated.
Crown Paper Group to Acquire Port Townsend, Crown Packaging, Boxmaster
Crown Paper Group is a holding company created in 2015 for investments in the paper and packaging industries. The executive leaders of Crown Paper Group have worked together in the paper and packaging industry for a century and a half (collectively).
Dongguan Shunyu Orders PMP Intelli-Jet V headbox, Shoe Press for PM 6
A new investment based on PM 6 is focused on bringing an addition capacity of 150,000 metric tpy of high-strength corrugating medium paper that is going to be converted into packaging boxes for various industrial use and, at the same time, widening product portfolio (through reaching excellent quality parameters of paper).
Mid-Atlantic Packaging Building Catches Fire
The police, who were the first on the scene, observed heavy smoke coming from the building. No hazardous materials were reported to be involved/released in this incident.
Stora Enso Fors Bruk Installs Two Complete PulpEye Systems
The order consists of two complete PulpEye, Sweden, analyzer systems as well as a modernization of the existing PulpEye system on one of two CTMP production lines. One of the new PulpEye systems is installed on the second CTMP line and is equipped with modules for online measuring of fiber, shives, brightness, and freeness.
Johns Manville Plans Major Upgrade to Nonwoven Glass Mat
Beginning in late 2015, JM will upgrade an existing nonwoven mat line with advanced manufacturing technology that will allow the company to better serve customers in growing segments of the global specialty glass mat market.
New Products
New Tissue Analyzer Tests Softness, Smoothness, Stiffness
The availability of three special parameters opens a huge amount of chances for the optimization of tissue production and converting processes.
Iggesund Challenges Designers to Stock More Responsible, Sustainable Packaging
Iggesund is not looking for inexpensive ideas that can be put into commercial use. Instead, the aim is to get a picture of how global designers as a collective group believe they can steer packaging development in a more sustainable direction.
IP Elects Ambassador Burns to Its BOD
Ambassador Burns served in the U.S. Department of State as Deputy Secretary of State from 2011 to 2014, as Under Secretary for Political Affairs from 2008 to 2011, and as Ambassador to Russia from 2005 to 2008, among many other posts during his 33 years in the Foreign Service.
SCA EVP Berencreutz to Retire in March
The Group develops and produces sustainable personal care, tissue, and forest products. Sales are conducted in about 100 countries under several strong brands, including global brand.
Gulf Coast TAPPI Winter 2015 Meeting Next Week
Do you live in the southeastern U.S. and are a TAPPI member who would like to network and relax with colleagues? Don't miss out! Learn about the benefits of cost saving, the theme at this year's meeting.
TAPPI Webinar: Paper Machine Centrifugal Cleaner Systems
This is a brief tutorial offered FREE on Thurs., Mar. 5. Make sure you will have the opportunity to join in and learn!
RockTenn Donatation of $8,000 Benefits TAPPI Trees Project
Representatives from TAPPI, RockTenn, and other sponsors will now be planting 100 trees in Decatur, Ga., (Metro Atlanta) on February 27, from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m EST. Don't miss out on your chance to participate in planting our "centennial trees" to celebrate TAPPI's first 100 years as an association.
Deadline Reminder! TAPPI Technical Scholarship Opportunities Expire Feb. 15
If you are eligible for a TAPPI Technical scholarship, you must not wait. Scholarship application requirements vary by division and a general information form must also be completed. The deadline to submit applications for academic year 2015-2016 Technical Division scholarships is Feb. 15, or next Sunday, no exceptions.
PEERS 2015 Now Seeking Abstracts, Share Your Knowledge!
The PEERS Technical Program Committee is seeking abstracts from paper manufacturers, suppliers, and others to share best practices and practical solutions to increase process efficiency, reduce costs, and return more value on pulp mill assets. Presenters interested in submitting a paper should upload their abstract to TAPPI's Speaker Management System by March 2.
IBBC 2015 Call For Presentations Announced, Demonstrate Your Expertise!
As IBBC draws experts and key decision makers in forest biorefineries from around the world, you can obtain great visibility for your company or organization by presenting at IBBC 2015. Authors interested in presenting should upload their abstract to TAPPI's Speaker Management System by March 19.
TAPPI Board Elections Underway: All Members Encouraged to Vote
If you are a TAPPI member, now is your time to participate in choosing association leadership that will guide us towards yet another century of achievement!
In the Spotlight: Micki Meggison - Steady as She Goes
This month's TAPPI member In the Spotlight says she gives thanks for a stable career serviced by steady membership with the association. From her old student chapter days with TAPPI to Northeast / PIMA chapters (TAPPI) she's helping manage in great dedication today, Micki has a stellar record with the association that she believes has served her career as well as TAPPI in mutual ways when it comes to career, networking, knowledge, and more...
Engage Operators and Managers in Training and Development
This valuable February 24 technical webinar (12 p.m. EST), organized by the PIMA Division's Workforce Development Committee, will specifically address how your group will work as a corporate team to get key players behind your learning initiatives.
TAPPI Announces Young Professionals Top 20 Under 30 Award Winners
A group of established TAPPI members reviewed the nomination forms and collaborated on selecting the winning individuals. The contest recognized individuals under the age of 30 who are emerging leaders in the global pulp, paper, packaging and related industries.
TAPPI Press: 4th Edition Extrusion Coating Manual Now Available
TAPPI members will save significantly on this text detailing all aspects of extrusion coating. Become a TAPPI member today and enjoy discounts you can find on valuable industry resources such as this text and many other titles in the TAPPI Bookstore.