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Thursday, August 1, 2019 - Member In This Issue
Weekly Spotlight
Market Roundup
Pulp & Paper
New Products
Weekly Spotlight
KMP compiled online and email comments from a survey by Consumer Action and the Keep Me Posted and Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications websites. The comments were compiled into the latest KMP fact sheet to demonstrate why paper documents are important to millions of North American consumers.
High Speed, High Load TL-Series Spherical Roller Bearings
NSK Americas
NSK has been on the ground, in the mill, for decades delivering tough, high-speed, high-heat-resistant bearing solutions to get the results you need: Faster production. Greater uptime and service life. And consistently lower operating costs. Visit
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Market Roundup
Domtar examines plastic substitution, food packaging, and e-commerce. The fiber that weaves these megatrends together is produced at their pulp and paper mills.
Merichem Company
Pulp & Paper
On July 7th the A.Celli iDEAL® Master Tissue Machine was successfully started-up, beginning production for the Mexican customer Blue Tissue Sapi de C.V. The new turnkey plant, which includes the two-plies slitter A.Celli E-Wind® T100 rewinder, in addition to the tissue machine, integrates the existing customer’s converting line.
The company announced the extension in its second-quarter results released Friday, July 26, citing ongoing market conditions. The curtailment extends five weeks to Sept. 9, cutting summer production of bleached chemi-thermo mechanical pulp by about 50,000 metric tons. The mill was originally scheduled to restart Aug. 5.
Ottawa said the improvements to the Espanola Mill may reduce the need for single-use plastics, cut pollution and preserve jobs in the town. In a release, the federal government said the funding is part of Domtar’s $57.5-million project to implement new equipment and processes in Espanola.
The mill halted production in June, laying off about 180 workers. But on July 1, a court approved a deal with a vendor to purchase an estimated 75 tons of pulp product per day. That, combined with a loan of about $2 million also approved in court, will allow the mill to resume production.
Company invested EUR 60 million for this purpose, increasing production capacities for dissolving pulp extracted from beech wood from 300,000 to 320,000 mtpy. “The successful expansion brings us closer to achieving our strategic objective of increasing our self-supply of pulp to a level of 75%, thus making us even more resistant to price fluctuations in sourcing pulp”, said their CEO.
With a width of 2850 mm, they will use high quality tissue paper, with basis weight range from 14 up to 21 gsm; they are equipped with four unwinders each and reach an operating speed of 1600 mpm, producing finished rolls with a maximum diameter of 2500 mm.
Mondi confirmed this week it has completed the simplification of its dual listed company structure into a single holding company structure under Mondi plc. Mondi Limited is now a subsidiary of Mondi plc and the dual listed company arrangements between Mondi plc and Mondi Limited have now been terminated.
“There’s quite a lot of activity at the mill — a big change from a few months ago when there were only a few dozen ND Paper employees on-site,” Lee said. “We are working around the clock to ensure the mill is fined-tuned for a safe restart and on-track to move into commercial pulp production this month.”
Metsä Spring was established in May 2018. Its main aim is to identify and help the selected companies reach a Proof-of-Concept relevant in the context of Metsä Group’s business ecosystem. This is the second investment by Metsä Spring. Through its first investment Metsä Spring is developing a new process for the production of textile fibers from wood pulp.
The turnkey supply includes one AHEAD-2.0L tissue machine, equipped with a second generation Steel Yankee Dryer TT SYD, Toscotec’s shoe press technology TT NextPress and gas-fired hoods TT Hood-Duo. The net sheet width is 5,500 mm, the maximum operating speed is 2,000 m/min and the production is 220 tpd.
According to its website, Riversedge Developments bills itself as a "restorative development company specializing in the integrated revitalization of industrial properties." The mill has been idle since 2014 and the Town of Fort Frances was at odds with Resolute earlier this year about whether or not the mill would be restarted.
The shift to paper wrapping in favor of polywrapping is gathering pace, with three major publishers opting to make switches, including venerable weekly Country Life moving to paper wrap for its subscriber copies.
Warehouse Specialist
“We are pleased to announce the acquisition of Artistic Carton as it will provide compelling optimization and growth opportunities for our paperboard mill and converting platforms in North America,” said Graphic Packaging CEO Michael Doss. “The acquisition will drive converting end-market diversification, enhance our converting platform, and we expect will allow us to deliver significant synergies driven by paperboard integration, mill and converting manufacturing optimization, and supply chain efficiencies.”
PureHemp is the first company in the world to produce cannabidiol (CBD) tinctures from hemp flowers and then use hemp stalks to make boxes for its CBD-based products. On July 19, 480 pounds of 100% virgin hemp pulp shipped from Ft. Lupton, Colorado was used to make six thicknesses of paper to make boxes and card stock.
Eliminate Stickies and Increase Production with Enessco.
Enessco International
Enessco, this exclusive patented chemical technology, when added to recycled furnish pulpers increases the removal of ink, wax, stickies and all hydrophobic contaminants in the stock prep system. With this higher contaminant removal efficiency, cleaner and more “virgin like” fiber is sent forward to the paper machines. Cleaner furnish improves quality, production and machine runnability. Enessco has years of proven experience, visit our website at to see our results.
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American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) President and CEO Donna Harman joined nearly 20 representatives from a wide spectrum of American trade associations at a U.S. Chamber of Commerce-hosted press conference urging speedy Congressional passage of the U.S. – Mexico – Canada (USMCA) agreement.
“EPA’s proposed rule recognizes Washington’s stringent, but attainable standards to protect human health for all communities, and we will work to see that this dynamic is ultimately maintained,” said Harman. “Washington has a long record of scientifically-based environmental stewardship. The 2016 rule proposed for withdrawal imposed federally-mandated, unachievable standards that provide no measurable human health improvement.”
New Products
ParaFree™ papers are paraffin wax free, reducing the dependency on petroleum-based ingredients. With the reduction of the wax, the basis weight of the end-use product is reduced, decreasing overall material use and having a positive environmental impact on the supply chain footprint.
ExxonMobil claims it can also help protect equipment operating at temperatures up to 150°C in intermittent service making it ideally suited for a range of paper industry applications, such as helping to protect dryer and calendar drives, as well as kiln and trunnion bearings.
With its new DuoShake DG (Digital Generation), Voith is taking the next step on its journey to Papermaking 4.0. The control and automation functions of the shaking unit for optimum fiber orientation during sheet formation have been comprehensively upgraded to equip the system for the future of paper production. The new features significantly improve process reliability and machine availability.
John Crane
To help accelerate the global movement towards sustainable and responsible packaging solutions, the company is working on the development of barrier paper with functional surfaces. The aim is to produce barriers for packaging that can currently only be provided by plastics or composites.
Until now, the high costs and the complex procedures were major obstacles in the way to forest certification for those communities. The newly endorsed system makes PEFC certification affordable and more feasible for them.
PEFC urged public forestry consortia, mountain communities and private firms to collect and purchase timber from the damaged forests at fair prices. As the majority of the forests are PEFC-certified, most of the timber could be classified as PEFC-certified or from Controlled Sources.
Hargrove Engineers + Constructors
Stora Enso is investing EUR 10 million to build a pilot facility for producing bio-based carbon materials based on lignin. Wood-based carbon can be utilised as a crucial component in batteries typically used in consumer electronics, the automotive industry and large-scale energy storage systems. The pilot plant will be located at Stora Enso’s Sunila Mill in Finland.
Emma Ciechan joined the group in 2016 to build and lead the Financial Planning and Analysis group finance function, as the business moved from FTSE 250 to FTSE 100, and expanded her role to manage the company’s sustainability strategy. During this time, she has been successful in developing and rolling out the company’s nine long-term and ambitious sustainability targets.
Effective July 25, Andrea Minguzzi, Group CFO, becomes Executive Chairman of the Lecta Group. He replaces Santiago Ramirez, who stepped down from his role.
Company announced that Michael G (Mike) Haws, currently VP of Manufacturing at Sappi North America, has been appointed as President and CEO of Sappi North America from October 1, 2019. Mike Haws succeeds Mark Gardner, a 38 year veteran of Sappi in North America, who will retire at the end of September 2019. Mark Gardner has been President and CEO of Sappi North America for 12 years.
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Influent water in pulp and paper mills often needs treatment prior to being utilized in mill processes. Mills generally use inexpensive, commodity chemistries like chlorine to control bacteria. The reliability and efficiency of heat exchangers, piping and process equipment are often a secondary consideration but failures can be costly as one U.S. fluff mill experienced.
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