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Thursday, July 25, 2019 - Member In This Issue
Weekly Spotlight
Market Roundup
Pulp & Paper
New Products
Weekly Spotlight
During the past few years OTW has closely followed news about the 'paper battery' from concept to experiment and now to a prototype product from a mill... This battery material is ready for commercial testing. BillerudKorsnäs continues to work on identifying possible partners in energy storage and other electrochemical applications. The next step is further product development in-house and with partners, for production on an industrial scale.
Two Sides commissioned a wide-ranging European study to assess people’s perceptions of paper and the often large differences between these perceptions and fact. Not only did the study uncover a series of common misconceptions about paper, but it underlined the enduring value paper and print has in a society increasingly dominated by digital media.
High Speed, High Load TL-Series Spherical Roller Bearings
NSK Americas
NSK has been on the ground, in the mill, for decades delivering tough, high-speed, high-heat-resistant bearing solutions to get the results you need: Faster production. Greater uptime and service life. And consistently lower operating costs. Visit
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Market Roundup
Exports of paper and board products are growing, especially to North America, with 20.6 million metric tons in total, +1.1% compared to 2017 and imports are going up by 3.3%. Europe remains a net exporter and the number one exporting area in the world. For the first time since 1990s, the sector opened 9 new mills and created 2,000 more jobs with a total increased turnover of +3%.
Considering the future scope of the pulp & paper industry, it would be prudent to mention that research institutes are focusing on the enhancement of alkalinity strength and thermostability of enzymes. Most of the U.S. based pulp & paper market firms are heavily investing in research & development activities and product innovation to dominate the business space over the coming years.
Merichem Company
Pulp & Paper
“We want Lela to be just as academically prepared for kindergarten as our other children were,” says Carrie Sutherland, Lela’s mom. “That means starting early by labeling items in the house with braille tags and providing access to braille books and a braille typewriter. Anything a typical three-year-old would do with print, we’re doing with braille on paper.”
All 18 TMs will be designed and manufactured with the same concept to produce tissue from 11,5 up to 22,0 gsm at the reel. Machines are designed for a maximum speed of 1600 m/min. Intelli-Tissue® EcoEc 1600 platform is a perfect balance between achieved capacity and optimum energy savings. 
Valmet's delivery includes an Advantage DCT 135HS machine with Valmet's key technologies OptiFlo II TIS Headbox, Advantage ViscoNip press, Advantage AirCap hood and a Advantage Yankee S. Other equipment, site assembly and installation services will be overseen by Kawanoe Zoki. The new line has a 40,000 metric tpy capacity.
Preparatory work ensures the proficient progress of the construction works following the possible investment decision. The investment decision of the bioproduct mill is made earliest in mid-2020. If implemented, Metsä Group’s bioproduct mill in Kemi would be the largest wood-processing plant in the Northern hemisphere. With a value of around EUR 1.5 billion, the bioproduct mill would be the largest investment in the history of Finland’s forest industry.
At its facilities, Pasaban now has more than 130 direct employees and exports about 90% of its production, placing itself as a reference company in the market in its product range. Dedicated to the design and manufacture of high-tech customized machinery for the paper and cardboard converting, Pasaban has a global presence with over 500 customers and 700 machine installation and commissioning in 45 countries.
SPM, at its new 27,000 sqm mill, will produce a wide spectrum of hygienic tissue paper Jumbo Reels in various grades ranging from the most delicate 12.5 gsm to 38 gsm towels such as Facial, Toilet, Napkin, Kitchen Towel, Maxi, Centerfeed, Auto-cut, Industrial Rolls, and Hand Towel grades.
The mill has an annual production capacity of 140,000 metric tons of super-calendered (SC) magazine paper and other publication paper grades based on recovered fiber. Following the transaction, Stora Enso’s net debt will decrease by approx. EUR 22 million and annual sales by approximately EUR 60 million. After this, Stora Enso will not have any paper production in China.
Wood-based carbon can be utilized as a crucial component in batteries typically used in consumer electronics, the automotive industry and large-scale energy storage systems. The mill will use lignin as part of the process.
The highly competitive mill investment of $2.7 billion will grow UPM’s current pulp capacity by more than 50%, resulting in a step change in the scale of UPM’s pulp business as well as in UPM’s future earnings. With a combination of competitive wood supply, scale, best available techniques and efficient logistics the mill is expected to reach a highly competitive cash cost level, approximately $280 per delivered metric ton of pulp. 
Warehouse Specialist
KAPAG Karton + Papier AG (KAPAG), a leading producer of multiply paper and paperboard, and Oppboga Bruk, principal supplier of multiply paperboard for sign and display, announced on July 17 that they joined forces. KAPAG has aquired a majority stake. 
The new Common Stock service, which was started in March, provides the converters with easy access and reliable availability to ready-made standard white kraftliner reels from Metsä Board's warehouse in Lübeck.
Eliminate Stickies and Increase Production with Enessco.
Enessco International
Enessco, this exclusive patented chemical technology, when added to recycled furnish pulpers increases the removal of ink, wax, stickies and all hydrophobic contaminants in the stock prep system. With this higher contaminant removal efficiency, cleaner and more “virgin like” fiber is sent forward to the paper machines. Cleaner furnish improves quality, production and machine runnability. Enessco has years of proven experience, visit our website at to see our results.
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“EPA’s proposed rule recognizes Washington’s stringent, but attainable standards to protect human health for all communities, and we will work to see that this dynamic is ultimately maintained,” said AF&PA Presisdent and CEO Donna Harman.
New Products
For papermakers seeking to maximize asset performance, convert to different paper grades and/or increase machine speed, without replacing existing winders. Works by benchmarking winder performance, implementing improvements, monitoring to sustain performance and uniquely optimizing productivity by applying online calculations that continuously adjust winder speed targets.
Aritha, an exciting new all-natural maker of soaps, shampoos and laundry liquids, recently selected Bag-in-Box as the preferred packaging for their products. In addition, they selected Mustang® Bag-in-Box dispensing tap to meet customer expectations in terms of convenient and easy-to-use dispensing.
New contents of this evolutionary product change response package are a small glass bottle with relevant instructions. Optimal size of the secondary paperboard packaging would be a much smaller box, but customers want to keep the facing lines available for hard capsules, because the product is recognizable on the market. Solution is to adjust the current packaging in a way so as to fix and protect the small bottle inside the box while maintaining the same dimensions.
Make with Mohawk Print Set 02 is the second in a three-part series pairing specific printing processes with select Mohawk papers. For this set, Mohawk Via Vellum Digital with i-Tone® is paired with HP Indigo digital printing.
John Crane
EPIX™ technology is a portfolio of materials and chemistries that enhance paper products and offer an alternative to single-use convenience items. EPIX™ expands paper functionality and improves performance while maintaining the sustainability and recyclability of the package.
In 2016, Bosch and BillerudKorsnäs presented their first major joint innovation - Sealed Paper Packaging on a vertical form, fill and seal machine (VFFS). The ZAP module from Bosch makes it possible to process mono-material Axello® ZAP paper from BillerudKorsnäs on VFFS technology with dust-tight sealing. Now the collaboration is developing new sustainable paper-based packaging innovations. Focus aims to show how uniquely formed and right-sized small packages, called shaped paper pods, can contribute to a more sustainable future by utilizing the unique formability of the FibreForm® material (the leading 3D-formable paper on the market, patented by BillerudKorsnäs).
“With the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games approaching, the PEFC endorsement of the Japanese forest certification system means this, and other construction projects, can benefit from certified timber, provided locally through SGEC,” said Ben Gunneberg, PEFC International CEO.
Up to this point, a multi-stakeholder group (known as the working group) has developed the documents. For these two standards, this includes group representatives from forest industries, certified companies, certification bodies, labor organizations, and PEFC members
Around one million small-forest owners have achieved PEFC certification through group certification, and the number continues to grow. This is a testimony to the fact that forest certification is possible for small landholders, and that it is a powerful and cost-effective way of promoting forest conservation and sustainable management.
Smurfit Kappa Marlia will process approximately 15,000 metric tpy of recovered paper. Expected to increase to 25,000 metric tons next year. The new plant in Italy is strategically located in the Tuscan district where 60% of Italian containerboard and 90% of tissue paper is produced. 
Processes, such as demand planning, tendering, contracting and purchase transactions, will be simplified and automated by taking into use SAP Ariba solution. By adopting the latest technology in managing supply chain transparency and risks proactively, the company continues to set the new gear in achieving sustainable and compliant supply also in the future.
Hargrove Engineers + Constructors
Commenting on the retirement of Mark Gardner, Steve Binnie, Chief Executive Officer of Sappi Limited said: “I would like to thank Mark for his sterling service to Sappi over 38 years and for the support he has shown me as CEO. He is an exemplary leader both for the company and for the industry. His tenure saw massive changes as we restructured and refocused the business, a task he embraced and has executed with aplomb.
Magnus Björkman has been Acting President of the division since March 1 of this year and will remain a member of Group Senior Management. He will report to Södra's President and CEO, Lars Idermark.
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IDCON set to present the 2019 Reliability and Maintenance Conference
Elevate your commercial papermaking knowledge with hands-on courses led by renowned professor, Dr. Gerry Ring at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point.
Join us for TissueCon 2019 at the Gaylord in Orlando as the week kicks off with TAPPI’s powerful Tissue 101 Course followed by three days of business insights, cost reduction strategies and industry innovations.
The specialty papers industry is constantly developing and changing to meet the evolving needs of end-use markets. This rapidly changing environment makes it imperative for industry leaders to stay on top of trends and difficult for newcomers to catch on.
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