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Thursday, July 18, 2019 - Member In This Issue
Weekly Spotlight
Market Roundup
Pulp & Paper
New Products
Weekly Spotlight
One of the biggest challenges to achieving a clean and uniform print job is picking — the appearance of small white specs in the printed colors. Picking happens when tiny bits of the sheet pull away as color is laid during the print process.
Special feature this month by PIWorld...Originally reported by Domtar.
Many paper industry products are such an imbedded part of our lives that we often take them for granted, but just think about what our lives would be like without the tissue segment of our business. While paper products are inherently sustainable, the growing circular economy discourse has drawn single-use products like tissues and paper towels into the conversation—and often not in a positive way. However, a closer look at the tissue product sector reveals some interesting sustainability facts that may not be top of mind.
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High Speed, High Load TL-Series Spherical Roller Bearings
NSK Americas
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Market Roundup
 Total packaging papers shipments were down 6.7 percent from June 2018 and down 3.1 percent year-to-date. Bag and sack shipments were down 0.9 percent year-to-date; multiwall shipments were down nine percent; food wrapping shipments were up two percent; and converting shipments were down 5.3 percent.
The containerboard operating rate decreased from 91.8 percent in May to 89.1 percent. The total linerboard rate dropped below 90 percent for the fourth time this year, down to 86.3 percent. The June total operating rate was 7.1 points lower than the same month last year and the year-to-date operating rate was down 6.2 points compared to last year.
U.S. shipments of coated mechanical (CM) paper decreased four percent in June from the same month one year ago. The inventory level of CM papers increased 12 percent in June compared to May. CM imports in May 2019 decreased 25 percent year-over-year while exports remained essentially flat.
Merichem Company
Pulp & Paper
The mill has been idle since 2014, the Town of Fort Frances was at odds with Resolute earlier this year about whether or not the mill would be restarted.
It was a “small fire contained to a very small area,” said Old Town’s Public Safety Director, Scott Wilcox. “These are things that are likely to happen when you’re restarting something like the mill. It was isolated, knocked down quickly, and we’re all done.”
“The linear life cycle for textiles needs to become circular, but the lack of recycling technologies is a major problem. One of the projects that has received funding will further develop a process to recycle mixed textiles that is compatible with today’s Swedish forest industry, which will be of interest to both our industry and the textile industry,” said Catrin Gustavsson, Senior Vice President Innovation and New Business at Södra. 
With operations in North America, Central America, Asia, Middle East, Australasia and Europe; JPP is a business operating in many diverse sectors but with paper at its core. It is best known in the UK for its publishing merchant Gould Paper Sales.
Belcoat produces highly specialised extrusion coated products serving customers across protective clothing, imaging, automotive and other speciality products markets. Mondi’s remaining extrusion coatings plants in Europe are primarily focused on consumer and other selected applications.
Valmet will supply a Valmet DNA automation system (photo) and measurements to Xuzhou Zhongxing Paper Co., Ltd. in China. The system and consistency transmitters will be installed on the company's paper machine PM1, enabling the line to increase production efficiency and obtain better measurements and controls for improving the process.

The order is included in Valmet's orders received of the second quarter 2019. The delivery will take place in the fourth quarter of 2019.
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Warehouse Specialist
Nosco is the first US print provider to adopt HP Indigo technology for labels, folding cartons, flexible packaging, and lamination using the Pack Ready Laminator by Karlville. Nosco will focus its flexible packaging applications in segments such as natural health with products including resealable and child-resistant pouches, sachets, stick packs and new product trials.
“We are very pleased to welcome the Canadian Corrugated & Containerboard Association to Two Sides North America and we look forward to working together to promote the unique sustainable features of paper-based products – highly recyclable and coming from sustainable raw materials whether it is responsibly managed forests or recycled fiber,” said Phil Riebel, Two Sides North America President.
Eliminate Stickies and Increase Production with Enessco.
Enessco International
Enessco, this exclusive patented chemical technology, when added to recycled furnish pulpers increases the removal of ink, wax, stickies and all hydrophobic contaminants in the stock prep system. With this higher contaminant removal efficiency, cleaner and more “virgin like” fiber is sent forward to the paper machines. Cleaner furnish improves quality, production and machine runnability. Enessco has years of proven experience, visit our website at to see our results.
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New Products
“We are experts in both cup design and manufacture, and our latest innovation, ‘feel good’, adds a compostable double wall cup to the Bioware range with our unique Impresso outer wrap that feels good to hold and provides enhanced insulation. The compostable Impresso has EN13432 certification which means that it is compostable at approved composting facilities”, says Becci Eplett, Marketing Manager, Huhtamaki Foodservice UK.
The ParaFree™ Wax Alternative Papers offer excellent water repellency and resistance to many oils and condiments. In addition to being printable on both sides, its higher brightness and opacity opposed to traditional wax papers strengthens the visibility of the consumer’s brand image and message.
According to Chris Harrold, Senior VP of Marketing and Creative at Mohawk, “Print Set 02 is a beautiful example of the interdependent relationship between material & process. Paper shade, surface and weight, chosen thoughtfully, supports design intent and delivers amazing image quality.”
”The U-Bend straw is the first paper straw that is 180° bendable. It can be used together with existing drink packaging. Today many billion bendable straws are produced in a year which means that the potential for our business and our contribution to a more sustainable packaging world is, to say the least, considerable.” says Emma Hellqvist, Formable Solutions at BillerudKorsnäs.
John Crane
Crown’s 2020 sustainability goals reflect its commitment to efficiently managing and conserving resources, as well as bringing innovations to market that support the sustainability efforts of its customers and consumers. The goals were included as part of the Company’s submission to the CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) climate change program in 2018.
An important milestone came in May 2000 as Finland, Sweden and Norway became the very first countries to achieve PEFC endorsement of their national forest certification systems. This meant forest owners, large and small, could gain PEFC certification of their sustainable forest management practices. Combined, 18 million hectares of forest area were PEFC certified (and now we’re at over 300 million!).
Hargrove Engineers + Constructors
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