Mondi Invests EUR 30 Million On Innovative Corrugated Packaging Plant

Mondi (Vienna, Austria) Corrugated Packaging has unveiled further investment plans boosting its unique Heavy Duty corrugated portfolio – a product range serving key industries in the German economy with sustainable packaging and logistic solutions. Mondi’s innovative corrugated packaging replaces formerly used transport containers made of solid wood or metal and offers remarkable benefits to further reduce environmental footprint.

In total, some EUR 30 million will be invested in Mondi’s award-winning Ansbach facility in Southern Germany, including the installation of a state-of-the-art corrugator, scheduled for completion in 2020. It will enable the company to broaden its product portfolio to service further export areas, enhance product quality and foster innovation. The investment will increase the plant’s production capacity per year by a clear double-digit percentage.

"We want to extend our position as innovation leader in our industry, by broadening our portfolio in the Heavy Duty corrugated board segment," said Armand Schoonbrood, COO Mondi Corrugated Packaging. "Going forward, we believe that applications for bulky goods in the building industry, agricultural sector and e-commerce, show good prospects in terms of the use and demand for sustainable corrugated packaging solutions."

Mondi corrugated boxes can transport up to 20 car bonnets at a time and handle up to 1000kg weight when shipping engines or gear units.The triple-wall corrugated board boxes, replace former packaging materials like wood (wooden crates) or metal packaging as a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative.

"The German economy is highly export-oriented," continued Schoonbrood. "Our customers come from a wide variety of industries, from automotive and component manufacturing, to OEMs, chemical and electrical polymer processing and mechanical engineering. They distribute products throughout Germany and all around the world and are key to a strong and successful German economy. Many of them are located in the South of Germany, close to the Ansbach plant."