Holmen Chooses Identity Works to Develop its Brand

As part of the Holmen Group’s communications and sustainability strategy, Holmen (Sweden) announced on Nov. 26, 2018 it has entered into partnership with Identity Works in order to strengthen and further develop the Holmen brand. The first step will be to create a new brand platform and visual identity that will help to ensure consistent communication across every part of Holmen.

"A strong and cohesive brand is vital for our ability to improve our competitiveness, drive our business forward and grow globally. Within Holmen, we currently have a number of very strong product brands that individually contribute to our overall brand. Now we’re taking the next step to create synergies between these brands, so that they reinforce each other while also adding value to the Group as a whole," said Stina Sandell, SVP of Sustainability and Communications at Holmen.

The branding project is expected to be ready for launch in autumn 2019, but a phase of insight gathering has already begun. The ambition is to present some of the elements of the visual identity in spring 2019.

"Holmen is a hugely exciting company whose entire business rests on a foundation of solid sustainability work," said Dan Herlin, Client Director at Identity Works. "We’ll be methodically reviewing, unifying and strengthening Holmen’s brand narrative and visual identity, with a view to helping the Group achieve better leverage from its sustainability profile and world-beating products."