Sappi Gratkorn Orders Valmet Wet End Rebuild for Mill in Austria

Valmet, Finland, will supply a wet end rebuild with installation for the Sappi Gratkorn Mill in Austria. The goal of the rebuild is to improve paper machine (PM 9) efficiency, reliability, and energy efficiency. Startup of the rebuilt machine is scheduled for 2019.
The value of the order was not disclosed. However, according to Valmet, the value of an order of this type is typically around EUR 10-20 million. 

"Sappi has been relying firmly on Valmet in the past years. In addition to this new rebuild for Sappi Gratkorn, six other major ongoing or already started-up projects for Sappi are Valmet-supplied, the latest ones for Sappi Lanaken (startup in 2019), Sappi Maastricht (2018), Sappi Sommerset, USA (2018), Sappi Kirkniemi (startup 2017), and Sappi Gratkorn PM11 (2014). Our good OptiPress pressing technology references combined with the outcome of higher solids and better quality were success factors in this case, too," said Valmet Senior Paper Technology Manager Riikka Antikainen.
Valmet's delivery includes a number of modifications to the paper machine wet end. The press section will be rebuilt into an OptiPress Center with modern shoe press technology and the best runnability components available in the market. OptiPress Center provides higher solids and better runnability, thus, lowers energy consumption and improves efficiency. The off-machine coater will be equipped with Valmet Water Jet Turn-up Device for fast parent roll changes. All of the equipment will be delivered with installation. 

PM 9 produces coated fine paper grades in the design basis weight of 66 gsm. 

Headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, Sappi Europe is a leading European producer and supplier of coated fine paper, packaging, and specialty papers. In Europe, the company has seven mills, 14 sales offices, and 5,100 employees. Located in in Gratkorn, Austria, Sappi Gratkorn Mill is part of Sappi Europe. The mill produces 980,000 metric tons of high-quality double and triple coated papers annually, which are used for premium quality publications all over the world. The mill produces 250,000 metric tpy of totally chlorine free (TCF) chemical pulp for its own consumption and has an annual sheet finishing capacity of 875,000 metric tons. About 95% of the mill's production is exported. Gratkorn Mill has around 1,240 employees.

In the photo above, signing the contract are (l-r) Max Oberhumer (Sappi), Marko Oinonen (Valmet), and Harri A. Heikkilä (Valmet).