K-C Launches IdeaStorm Brainstorming Tool to Help Teams Innovate

Kimberly-Clark, Dallas, Texas, USA, has launched IdeaStormTM, a new, dynamic brainstorming tool that unlocks the power of different thinking styles to foster creativity in the workplace. In addition to rolling out IdeaStorm to its own teams, K-C is offering the tool free of charge to individuals and organizations who want to generate new ideas to achieve their goals. 

"We all have individual thinking styles that lead us to approach idea generation and problem solving in a consistent way," said Thomas Merrill, senior director of Global R&D, Innovation, and Capability for K-C. "IdeaStorm is designed to help teams break creative barriers and identify fresh solutions by using different original thinking styles for short bursts of time."

IdeaStorm was inspired by discussions among Kimberly-Clark employees about ways to tap the power of different thinking styles in the workplace. The innovative tool leverages distinctive mindsets of eight Original Thinker types, such as the Dreamer, whose belief that anything is possible helps them accomplish what others consider impossible, and the Nonconformist, whose "outside the box" approach always gives people something new to consider. 

Using the IdeaStorm method, an Original Thinker type is randomly assigned to the entire brainstorming group, or to each individual in the group. Participants then brainstorm as the assigned Original Thinker type to provide a fresh, new perspective. When time is called, the Original Thinker types are reassigned and the brainstorming is repeated as many times as needed to generate the desired amount of ideas. 

"The beauty of IdeaStorm is that it can be used by anyone, whether alone or in a group—both in-person and virtual—to achieve breakthrough ideas," said Merrill. "Kimberly-Clark is freely sharing this tool with everyone to celebrate the value of Original Thinking in seizing opportunities, solving the toughest challenges, and building a better future."

The IdeaStorm brainstorming tool is available for free. Participants are encouraged to use the IdeaStorm Starter Guide and Brainstorming Cards. These two easy-to-use elements form the foundation for an innovative, fun, and productive IdeaStorm brainstorming session.

Kimberly-Clark recommends adding IdeaStorm to the traditional methods applied to brainstorming and problem solving. The key to its success is the ability to adapt the mindsets of others, and the simplicity and ease-of-use of both the tool and the playing cards.

Visit WelcomeOriginalThinkers.com to learn more and take the Original Thinkers Quiz to determine your personal thinking style.