GP PRO Debuts Dixie Ultra SmartStock System Solutions

GP PRO, Atlanta, Ga., USA, a division of Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products LP and a leading provider of food service disposable products for commercial facilities, this week announced the Dixie Ultra™ SmartStock® Automated Napkin System—a new, advanced dispensing solution. The cutting-edge innovation in the premium tier of the Dixie® portfolio is designed to elevate the patron dining experience and reduce operational costs through portion control and logistics efficiency for limited service restaurants (LSR).

"Waste and contamination are chief concerns among food service facility owners and operators, as both have profound front- and back-of-the-house impact on everything from customer safety and experience to operational performance and stakeholder return," said Craig Yardley, VP and GM of napkins and food packaging at GP PRO. "By listening to our partners, we improve, and even invent, Dixie products and solutions that streamline operations, enhance their image, and ultimately empower them to stand out and compete for business."

GP PRO research indicates that 82% of LSR employees believe that waste is an issue, and the same number have concerns about keeping items, surfaces, and floors clean and germ-free to prevent food contamination. The Dixie portfolio of solutions helps to alleviate operator anxieties across food service facilities by targeting waste reduction and improving hygiene at major touch-points in the patron experience. 

The Dixie Ultra SmartStock Automated Napkin Machine targets waste reduction and manages portion control by dispensing an operator-selected pre-set number of napkins per patron or order size. The solution drives significant benefits to food service facility owners, operators, and maintainers:
A second product enhancement now available for in-market testing is the Dixie Ultra SmartStock Wrapped Cutlery Dispenser, which delivers cutlery wrapped only at the eating end and dispenses one utensil at a time. The cutlery system's design eliminates 60% of the plastic wrapping of typical wrapped cutlery, while still protecting the critical eating end of the utensil. And, its one-at-a-time dispensing reduces over-consumption and cost. The cutlery in the wrapped cutlery dispenser is made of heavy-weight polypropylene, which enables local recycling where available.

"It takes a small army of dedicated food service professionals to create and serve great experiences that keep customers coming back for more," said Alec Frisch, VP and GM of beverage, cutlery, plate, and container categories at GP PRO. "We are proud to bring the superior quality and ingenuity of the Dixie brand to our food service partners, and we honor all those individuals and teams on the frontlines of restaurants and cafeterias who ‘Serve Greatness’ on a daily basis."

More information about GP PRO's Dixie Ultra SmartStock System solutions is available online.