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Paper Machine Wet Press Manual  
Editor:  Richard A. Reese
The Paper Machine Wet Press Manual provides an introduction to wet pressing technology in the paper industry and includes information on practical press section considerations on paper machines. The book provides an overview of press section equipment and key factors in optimizing press section performance. In addition, checklists are included to evaluate press section performance.
The book will be particularly useful to paper company personnel including paper machine superintendents, foremen, paper machine operators, process engineers, etc. Employees of suppliers to the paper industry involved in supplying press section equipment and evaluating press section performance will also find the book beneficial. "The Paper Machine Wet Press Manual, Fourth Edition" is a project of the Water Removal Committee of TAPPI’s Engineering Division.
Paper Machine Steam and Condensate Systems, Fifth Edition
Editors: R. Krumenacker and P. Deutsch

The Paper Machine Steam and Condensate Systems covers the basic design, operation, and control of equipment necessary for the proper operation of efficient steam control and condensate removal systems. This edition includes dozens of figures and helpful tables and charts plus a glossary to aid understanding. A project of the Water Removal Committee of TAPPI’s Engineering Division, this book will be helpful to papermakers and those responsible for solving drying-related problems.
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