WestRock Introduces PerfPak® Patient Med-Adherence Wallet Card

WestRock, Richmond, Va., USA, announced late this past week that it has introduced PerfPak® Advantage, a medication package providing a compliance solution that improves adherence. The product's unique design provides flexibility with various dosing regimens and ample billboard space for patient education and instructions, which makes it ideal for a wide variety of clinical trial requirements.
The integrated blister and wallet card design provides a conveniently sized, portable package for patients that incorporates the highest child resistance rating (F=1) with a unique feature in the pill cavity that is also senior-friendly.
"PerfPak Advantage was developed based on insights from medication adherence experts, customers, and consumers," said Keshav Sharma, director of sales and product development for WestRock Healthcare. "Our existing supply chain and dedicated clinical manufacturing capabilities in the U.S. and Europe ensure security of supply and reduce risk for our customers while offering them an adherence-enhancing solution that is good for patients."

PerfPak Advantage includes a visible calendar that remains with the wallet card and allows patients to easily track their medications. The calendared blister enables better pill protection as well as a daily opportunity for patient education, dosage information, and side effect profiles. The wallet card is made of an environmentally friendly, paperboard-based packaging solution that increases the use of recyclable materials and reduces waste. The wallet cards use WestRock's proprietary Easy Seal Plus coating that works with a variety of blister materials.