Experts Needed for Review of Sulfuric Acid Standard

The10-year review of T 602 cm-06 "Analysis of Sulfuric Acid" has been delayed due to lack of SSIG members. This method describes analytical procedures for the testing of sulfuric acid used in pulp and paper manufacture to determine total acidity, Baumé gravity, nonvolatile matter, iron, sulfur dioxide, and arsenic.
Elaboration on the significance of these procedure, is the use of sulfuric acid in regard to its application in the manufacture of chlorine dioxide for pulp bleaching, the manufacture of tall oil, and for pH control in various processes.
The value of these analytical procedures is related to production efficiency, quality of product, safety of production personnel, and health of users.
If you have an interest in becoming a member of this SSIG, please contact the Standards Administrator by October 15. The first ballot will go out sometime after that date.

About TAPPI Standards Review and Development:
Standard-Specific Interest Groups (SSIGs) are groups of TAPPI members and nonmembers who have indicated an interest in a particular Standard. The SSIG for a particular document must reach a consensus on the wording of a document before it can be accepted as a TAPPI Standard. Anyone interested may participate in the development and review of TAPPI Standards. Members of the SSIGs are expected to respond to ballots when Standards are being developed or reviewed. A member of an SSIG may be recruited to become a Working Group Chairman (WGC) to head up the review of a particular document. WGCs should be experts in the technical field of the document under review. Their primary function is to review negative votes and comments from ballots and resolve them to the satisfaction of the SSIG for that document.