Webinar: Drying and Profiling of Steam Profilers

The TAPPI Papermakers Committee invites you to join for a complimentary webinar, Drying and Profiling Efficiency of Steam Profilers on Tuesday September 29 at noon EST. The webinar will be presented by Dr. Seyhan Nuyan, VP, Valmet Pulp & Paper Applications, North America.
Steambox efficiency is a controversial topic as there have been vastly different experiences with the many steamboxes installed at the wet end of paper machines.  This webinar takes a fresh look at the drying and profiling efficiency of wet-end steamboxes to review and benchmark their performance.  It also discusses best practices in getting the most out of steam profiler applications. We will show that both the drying and profiling efficiency one can achieve with a steam profiler depend strongly on its design and application parameters. In particular, the degree of efficiency depends not on a single design feature or a running parameter but rather on a sensible combination of various design aspects and application conditions.
Please visit Drying & Profiling Efficiency of Steam Profilers to register.  
Dr. Nuyan has held previous positions in R&D, product management and support, sales and marketing support, applications, and business management throughout his career with Valmet (formerly Metso). His experience is primarily in the area of process automation solutions for the tissue, paper, board, and pulp industry particularly in measurement, process and quality control. He is active in many professional associations including IEEE, Sigma-XI, and PAPTAC and currently serves as chair of the Process Control Division of TAPPI. He has authored several articles for both conferences and in professional journals and books and holds several patents in control and measurement applications. 
The papermakers committee is an active part of the Paper and Board Division of TAPPI .
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