Hot Topics in TAPPI Journal's May and June Editions

In TAPPI Journal this past month:
Special Fluid Mechanics content explorescharacterization of microfibrillated cellulose (MFC), use of hydrodynamic parameters to characterize refined pulps, and mixing of retention aids. Additional research analyzes the effects of pressure profile, furnish, and MFC on furnish dewatering and offers a laboratory wet creping method to evaluate tissue pulp quality.
In the June edition of TAPPI Journal:
The June issue will offer a review of the eucalyptus revolution, along with a smelt-water interaction study of recovery boiler dissolving tanks. Other research explores coating strength at molecular and microscopic levels and aeration system upgrades. In addition, titanium dioxide’s effects on pyrolysis and gasification characteristics of straw black liquor solids is studied, as is white liquor control in continuous digesters.

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