Felix Schoeller Group Commissions Rebuilding of PM 14 in Günzach, Germany

With the rebuilding of PM 14 at its site in Günzach, Germany, the Felix Schoeller Group (Osnabrück, Germany) is taking another step forward in what it labels a strategic growth concept it has devised for its Technocell division—the creation of additional capacity for pre-impregnated products, which the company considers a key growth segment. 

One month ago the company commissioned Bellmer (Düren, Germany) with overall responsibility for implementing this investment. The Felix Schoeller Group (FSG) this week fully announced its plans and strategy for commissioning the rebuild. 

Growth in growth markets and growth regions is the clear strategic goal of Technocell, a division of FSG. Pre-impregnated products, which are used in the wood-based products industry, are one of the key growth segments. The rebuild of PM 14 is a response to rising demand and will create additional capacity for pre-impregnated products – which Technocell sells under the brand name PRIP®. To date, they have been produced exclusively at the company’s Neustadt mill. 

The extensive rebuild of the paper machine is scheduled to take place in Q4 of this year. It includes a new headbox, an IR drier, a new calender, and a "TURBOCombiSizer"—including the size mixing station. The TURBOCombiSizer can be used with either a size press or film press. After the rebuild, PM14 will produce not only pre-impregnated PRIP products but also nonwoven papers coated on both sides for use in the wallpaper industry, for example. A total of EUR 15 million has been earmarked for this project. 

"With this investment in PM 14, we are not only creating the foundation needed for Technocell’s continued growth but also strengthening our facility at Günzach in Allgäu. This mill has three paper machines and focuses clearly on specialties and small batch sizes. Furthermore, our Vlies business unit, which makes nonwovens, benefits from the possibilities offered by the TURBOCombiSizer," said Hans-Christoph Gallenkamp, the company’s VP and CTO.