China to Invest in New P&P Mill in Irkutsk Region of Russia

The official website for the 2016 Pap-For Exhibition, St. Petersburg, Russia, reported this past week that Sinomach, Beijing, China, is strongly considering investment in the construction of a new pulp and paper mill in the nation’s Irkutsk region. The announcement was made by Boris Titiov, a representative for the department of entrepreneurial protection:

"The cooperation of Russia and China in forestry is developing rapidly all over Russia. We encourage Chinese companies entering the Russian market. They have a number of projects for the pulp and paper industry. We have just discussed ways of cooperation with the largest Chinese company Sinomach. They are considering building a new pulp and paper mill in the Irkutsk region".

Pictured above is a rail line leading into the scenic Irkutsk region being made ready for an industrial development such as the proposed Sinomach paper mill project.
Titov also pointed out that Chinese companies are extending their participation in various investment projects all over Russia. "They are coming with their own equipment, facilities, and technology, thus offering a complex approach. On the other hand, they always have Russian partners in charge of financial and technical aspects."