U.S. Boxboard, Kraft Paper, Containerboard Production Edge up

Total U.S. boxboard production in July increased 2.8% compared with July 2013 and increased 2.4% from the prior month, according to the AF&PA (Washington, D.C., USA) July 2014 U.S. paper industry reports released this week. Unbleached kraft boxboard production increased over the same month last year and increased compared with last month.

Total solid bleached boxboard and liner production increased compared with July 2013 and increased compared with last month. The production of recycled boxboard decreased compared with July 2013 but increased compared with the prior month.

U,S. kraft paper shipments totaled 122,400 tons in July, 5% lower than the prior month. Bleached kraft paper shipments increased from 8,400 tons in June to 9,600 tons in July, while unbleached kraft paper shipments decreased from 120,600 tons to 112,800 tons. Overall, shipments for the first seven months of 2014 were 2.5% lower than the same period last year. Total month-end inventories increased 2.3% compared with July.

Containerboard production was flat in July compared with July of last year and 2.7% higher than June 2014. The month-over-month average daily production decreased 0.7%. Shipments for June were 3,118,900 tons, representing 175.8 billion sq. ft. The containerboard operating rate dropped by a full percentage point, from 97.1% in June to 96.1% in July.