Kimberly-Clark Named to "Natural Capital Leaders Index"

Kimberly-Clark Corp., Dallas, Texas, USA, has been named to the first "Natural Capital Leaders Index" of global companies that have successfully reported growing revenues in recent years while reducing environmental impacts. The Natural Capital Leaders Index was published this month by GreenBiz Group, in association with Trucost plc, as part of its seventh annual report, State of Green Business 2014. The index names K-C among 34 "decoupling leaders" from 10 countries that have increased their revenues for the 2008‒2012 period, disclosed greenhouse gas emissions, and also reduced other environmental impacts such as air emissions, water use, and energy use.

More information about sustainability at Kimberly-Clark is available online.

"We're proud that our efforts to continuously improve our sustainability practices are being recognized by such well-respected organizations as the GreenBiz Group and Trucost plc," said Lisa Morden, senior director of global sustainability for K-C. "Leaders across Kimberly-Clark are committed to realizing more sustainable operations and we understand that consumers, customers, employees, and all of our business partners expect us to be wise and prudent stewards of the resources that are essential to our business."

Joel Makower, executive editor for GreenBiz Group and principal author of State of Green Business 2014, said that "Kimberly-Clark is a leader among companies that are taking a comprehensive, balanced approach to reducing environmental impact. We respect this leadership team's commitment to transparency and continuous improvement in its sustainable business practices, and showing how doing so aligns the interests of consumers, the environment, and the global community."

The broader State of Green Business 2014 measures progress of large publicly traded companies on a range of sustainability targets. The report's findings are based on Trucost's review of 4,600 major companies worldwide, representing 93% of global markets by market capitalization.