Natchez to Be Von Drehle's Only "All under One Roof" Tissue Facility

Tissue producer Von Drehle Corp., Hickory, N.C., USA, says that its Natchez, Miss., plant will be the company's only "all-under-one-roof" facility. The operation will have pulp converting and tissue paper manufacturing capabilities, the company's only plant to have both, according to a report this past week by the Natchez Democrat. Reportedly, the mill has already started producing pulp and hopes to be converting tissue products by the end of this year.

Von Drehle announced in January of this year that it would locate manufacturing facilities in Natchez, on the site of the former Mississippi River Pulp mill it just acquired. Mississippi River had closed its doors in November 2012. Von Drehle said at that time that it expected to create at least 100 new jobs at the site in Natchez. The facility currently has some 30 employees, and prior to the Mississippi River shutdown had about 80. A company spokesperson stated in the Natchez Democrat article that Von Drehle has already started producing pulp products.

The company will soon install converting equipment, the newspaper report said, to produce the final products. The equipment will take parent rolls, up to 92 in. in diameter, and roll them to make a log on a core. The rolls then will go down an assembly line where they are cut and eventually packaged and sold.