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Winding Machines and Measurements

Item Number: 0102B068

Non-member: $229 / Non-member Sale: $160
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Winding Machines: Mechanics and Measurements is the definitive book on the science of winding written by noted experts Dr. David Roisum and Dr. J.K. Good. This three-part book (with supplemental CD-ROM) describes the various classes and arrangements of winding machinery commonly found in the web industries including discussion of controls and defects; describes how roll stresses and roll defects can be predicted by mathematical models and what factors are important; and discusses almost every method for measuring and evaluating wound roll quality. The book describes how and why many wound roll defects occur. In more than a few cases, it even describes when defects occur based on winding models that have matured to the point of trustworthy application. In these cases, we have science at its best, a predictive tool.

A CD with an easy-to-run winding model is included with every book. However, one need not be a scientist to appreciate and use this text. Much of it is written in everyday language describing the machines we work with, the defects we see, and the many measures of roll quality. It is a book that most plants with a winding department would want to have.

Dictionary of Paper, Fifth Edition
Item Number: 0102B058
Non-member: $112 / Non-member Sale: $78
Member: $75/Member Sale: $53

An essential reference tool for everyone in the industry, this dictionary defines more than 5,300 terms commonly used in the pulp and paper industry. The dictionary was revised and updated by a team of industry experts led by Michael Kouris, TAPPI JOURNAL Editor Emeritus. The 5th edition of The Dictionary of Paper is the most comprehensive dictionary ever published by TAPPI.

Film Extrusion Manual, Second Edition

Item Number: 0101R313

Non-member: $205 / Non-member Sale: $144
Member: $137 / Member Sale: $96

The Film Extrusion Manual, Second Edition focuses on the technology and science of polymer film extrusion. The material in this book's 42 chapters can be used to learn the basics of applied extrusion theory, as well as provide troubleshooting guidelines and solutions to many common problems encountered in the fabrication of thermoplastic films.

This book can be used as a stand-alone training resource for all levels of professional and operations personnel working in the plastics film industry, including plastic film manufacturing, converting, equipment suppliers, and polymer suppliers.

The Coating Processes
Item Number: 0102B057

Non-member: $155/Non-member Sale: $109
Member: $103/Member Sale: $72

This book covers fundamentals and practical applications of paper coating. The book is divided into eight chapters that outline the process of making coated paper, the preparation, application and drying, and treatment of the dried coated surface. Each chapter is written by an expert in the particular subject area covered. This book is an excellent resource for both businesses and universities.

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