Voith's VTM 1 Tissue Machines Go into Commercial Operation

Voith, Germany, reports that its VTM 1 tissue machine has impressed its first customers. The machine is already successfully running with a Brazilian tissue producer. In Indonesia a customer will start up its first VTM 1 at the end of this year. The VTM 1 tissue machines have a particularly compact design and offer high operating speeds and easy operation, Voith notes.

The VTM 1 is designed to operate at a speed of 1,800 m/min. The web width at the reel is up to 2,850 mm. The yankee cylinder can be supplied with a 15 ft or 16 ft dia. and with a shell manufactured as a cast iron or steel cylinder. In addition, Voith is also providing all clothing and roll covers as well as, at the customer's request, the entire automation for the VTM 1.

The VTM 1 can be supplied with different press concepts, including the NipcoFlex T shoe press. Compared with conventional press rolls, dry content with the NipcoFlex T technology after press is up to 5% higher, i.e. up to 20% of the thermal energy can be saved. This is achieved with no change in paper quality and very uniform CD moisture profiles. This technology also allows increasing machine efficiency and improving paper quality.