TAPPI Provides Association Management Services for Forest Products Society

The Forest Products Society (FPS) has announced it will utilize TAPPI for the delivery of a wide range of association management services. FPS, a non-profit association based in Madison, Wis., USA, is a leader in providing information to advance the sustainable use of renewable cellulosic resources through science and technology.

"We're very excited about the benefits of this partnership. The administrative support provided by TAPPI will allow FPS to provide a higher level of member services in a cost effective manner as well as help FPS expand and promote its brand and services," remarked Stefan A. Bergmann, EVP, FPS. "Since both associations serve complementary industries, TAPPI can appreciate and understand the issues that are important to our membership and this will make for a very effective partnership."

TAPPI President and CEO Larry Montague said that "we look forward to working with the Forest Products Society to support the important information network and services they provide for the advancement of sustainable use of our industry's cellulosic   resources. "The synergy provided by working together will serve our industries well by using the strengths of the two organizations to better educate the public, promote the exchange of technical information, foster innovative product development, and open up new applications for renewable materials."

Founded in 1947, the Forest Products Society's vision is to be the international leader for advancing the sustainable use of renewable cellulosic resources through science and technology. The international not-for-profit technical association convenes technical conferences, produces several journals including the peer-reviewed Forest Products Journal, and publishes books. Society members represent a broad range of professional interests including private and public research and development, industrial management and production, marketing, education, government, engineering, and consulting.