In the Spotlight - Jim Atkins: Whip your Career into Shape with TAPPI

What do buggy whips and TAPPI membership have in common? If you ask member Jim Atkins, he'll tell you it is change – revolutionary, fast-moving, and ever constant change. But that's where the similarities end.

To keep ahead of the advances occurring every day in our industry, you need to have an advantage," Jim says, "and the best place to jump in with both feet is with membership in TAPPI." And, Jim talks from experience.  He's been a member since 1975, joining shortly after receiving his degree in Chemistry from the University of North Carolina. For him, being prepared has been the best way to turn change into opportunity. "Embracing change is key to future success. You can continue to make buggy whips or you can embrace the opportunities that change offers." And TAPPI, he says, is the best way to do that.

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