Seyfert Restarts Descartes Containerboard PM 1 in France

Seyfert's (Germany) PM 1 containerboard machine at Seyfert Paper SAS in Descartes, France, has restarted following damage to part of the machine's structure. The accident that caused the damage occurred April 20, and the company was not able to comment on the reasons for the damage.

Seyfert commissioned PMT Italia, Italy, to deliver new frame parts and roll supports as well as to coordinate other procurements, installation works, and startup assistance. The mill's PM 4 was not affected by the accident and has continued to operate during the outage of PM 1.

The Descartes recycled containerboard mill had deliveries of 178,000 metric tons in 2011. In addition, Seyfert runs eight corrugated board plants in France and Germany, with combined deliveries of 212.000 metric tons in 2011, as well as a packaging service company in Monheim, Germany.