European Newsprint Demand Continues Steady Increase

The European newsprint sector recorded a 3.1% (25,000 metric ton) increase in demand in June compared with the same period last year, according to the Association of European Publication Paper Producers, CEPIPRINT, Brussels, Belgium. Total European shipments were up 1.1% (10,000 metric tons) last month on the back of higher domestic deliveries. However, exports of Newsprint fell 18.5% (28,000 metric tons) during the same period.

European demand for SC-Magazine was 4.8% (15,000 metric tons) lower in June year-on-year. On the shipments side, a 19.4% (14,000 metric ton) hike in exports took total European shipments to 392,000 metric tons, just 0.4% below the level seen in June of last year.

The Coated Mechanical Reels sector reported a similar rise in overseas shipments last month. Exports of the grade were up 12.7% (20,000 metric tons). However, local European shipments were down 8.5%, representing a 50,000 metric ton drop year-on-year with reductions recorded in several large markets, particularly Spain and Germany.

On a smaller scale, exports of uncoated mechanical papers were also up last month, with a rise of 13.7% (5,000 metric tons). Domestic shipments of the grade were down 1.8% or 3,000 metric tons, which led to total European shipments of 214,000 metric tons in June, a 2,000 metric ton increase.