European Newsprint Demand Picks up

European demand for newsprint improved by 3.6% (28,000 metric tons) in May compared with a year earlier, according to the Association of European Publication Paper Producers, CEPIPRINT, Brussels, Belgium. Domestic shipments increased 4.9% (37,000 metric tons), but exports of newsprint fell 17.3% (25,000 metric tons) mainly due to a sharp contraction in deliveries to the Far East.

In the SC-magazine paper sector last month, European demand dipped 1.4% (4,000 metric tons) year-on-year. However, exports of the grade grew 24.4% (14,000 metric tons) during the same period with the largest increases going to North America and Oceania. The rise in exports took total European shipments to 361,000 metric tons, up 2.9% over the previous report. Coated Mechanical Reels (CMR) was the only European publication paper sector to post positive results across the board last month. European demand for CMR edged up 2.8% (14,000 metric tons), while shipments overseas climbed 9.3% (13,000 metric tons). The rise in domestic shipments combined with growth in exports took total European shipments of the grade to 545,000 metric tons.

European demand for uncoated mechanical grades recorded just 0.9% change year-on-year in May. In the overseas markets, shipments to the Far East grew year-on-year, but all other export regions showed a decline. The flat level of domestic shipments combined with a 10.0% (5,000 metric ton) drop in exports resulted in total European shipments of the grade sliding 1.4% (3,000 metric tons) against last May.