TAPPI's First Hundred Years: A Century of Achievement

TAPPI currently has a committee working on the 2015 one hundred year anniversary of TAPPI. Longtime TAPPI and PIMA members on this committee include: Eric Eisert, Chuck Klass, Albert Moore, Art Rankin, and Tom Rodencal. Our celebration will focus on the innovative discoveries and breakthroughs developed by academic and industrial research groups over the past 100 years. This will generate enthusiasm for the past as well as the creative future of the global pulp, paper, packaging, and converting industries.

Help us to showcase the people, processes, and solutions that make our industry great! We need your help! Please send us your list of the most innovative discoveries and breakthroughs in our industry within the past 100 years. If you know the history or have artifacts that provide insight into the discovery please send them to us. Please use snail mail (we love that stuff)! If you have any questions or comments please contact David Bell at dbell@tappi.org, c/o David Bell,TAPPI,  15 Technology Parkway South, Norcross, GA 30092;

Also, if you would like to join our committee, we would love to have you!